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By | 24th September 2017

About 4gram application:

You can download the latest and updated version of 4gram APK. The link has already been given. Just hit the download button above and get the file in APK format. Install this app on Android mobile phone and tablet, to get free Likes, and followers. You can get thousands of Likes, and followers, if you could use it safely.

4Gram is an auto Liker auto Commenter and auto followers application. Which provides real impressions on your Instagram Account. Ever since Instagram has been launched, people are crazy about this image sharing website. The numbers are increasing day by day.

So, If you are not so much active on Instagram, and do not like, comment and share others, people, profiles or status, there are lesser chances of you getting the impression on your profile.

But, today we have found the application name 4Gram APK. Which will provide plenty of impressions on your profile picture, your status and even if you want to get impressions on any other profile or image. Just put the URL of that image, and tap the button to get Auto Likes, comments, and shares.

How does 4Gram work?

This is a good question, how one can get a real impression by using this application. Pretty simple and straightforward.

First, download 4gram APK from the link which has been given at the end of this post. Then install this on your mobile device, and start getting a huge amount of impressions. Anyways, if you do not like this 4Gram application you can have Apental Calc APK and King Liker application from the links mentioned

Before installing must remember

  1. Remeber to change the security setting of your mobile device, as you are downloading this application manually, Google Play Store will not allow you to install the application. So, change the security setting, tap on setting> security setting> check unknown sources button
  2. Change the account setting of Instagram account. To getting impressions on your account, you should change the setting to public, anyone publicly can comment, like and share your profile picture or image. The setting should be public, not private or personal.

Now, when you have installed the application successfully. You are about to get Auto Likes, auto comment and auto shares on your profile. Log into your Instagram account using the app. And when you will be logged in, you would get three tabs, auto Likes, auto comment and auto followers.

Tap on One tab:

Tap on one tab. This will ask you to provide the image. You can post the picture directly from here on your Instagram account, or browse to the already posted picture.

When you will submit your image, right at the moment. You will see a good amount of impressions has been started adding to your submitted image. You can give your profile picture, or any other picture to get impressions. Even can submit any other profile picture image, for this, you have to put the URL of the picture.

Same will happen in the case if you are getting auto comments or auto followers on your account, tap the tab of auto comment or auto followers. You can download this 4Gram on any version of Android OS, no worries about the version, it will work fine for every Android version or OS.

Do not forget:

Before installing this application on your mobile phone to get a huge amount of impressions, do not forget to change the security setting of your device, tap on setting > security > scroll down > and check the unknown sources button, then install the application

Features of 4Gram APK Download:

  • You will get real auto Likes, comments, followers, and shares on your account, nothing will go by after logging out of the account.
  • You can get 200 plus impressions on each submit, after submitting again, you have to wait for 20 minutes and then next submit will provide you the mentioned amount of impressions
  • Very smooth interface, you have no need to read articles about how to use this 4gram auto Liker for getting Likes on Instagram, the interface will guide you smoothly.
  • You profile or image will not be spam, nor the application will save your personal information like name address or location
  • Very trusted and most highly rated application, you can see the rating

I think you would have gotten the point, if you are interested in downloading this application, you can download it from the below link. We have given a download link, tap the download button and get the file. If the link below is not working or showing some error, or file is missing, please comment in the section, your efforts will be appreciated.

What is error in getting impression using this app

I got messages, most of the guys are not getting any impressions even after installing and following the entire process. For them, might be they have no changed the profile setting. To get the impressions using 4gram APK, you should change the profile set to public.

  1. The follower setting to public
  2. Timeline and tagging to anyone
  3. Change contact you to anyone or public

Then you will get impressions as explained on the topic, hope you will get.

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