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By | 27th November 2017

Download 4Liker Instagram:


Download 4Liker Instagram APK from the above download button. Just hit the button and get the application in APK format. Install the app on your Android phone or tablet device. Get Free Likes on Instagram, along with Followers.

Instagram is a great platform to connect with your friends and family. A registered user can upload images, edit photos, tag each other in the images and can get connected with one another. This photo sharing website was launched in 2010 only for iOS users. But later this company expanded to the Android and other platforms in 2012 and 2016 respectively.

This younger generation love to post images on Instagram, are appealing the hostages and filter, and it seems the generation is going to photogenic each passing of the day. But, as the platform Instagram is not used by the very public people like Facebook. So getting followers, getting an impression of this platform is somehow a difficult job. If you find your other friends are getting auto likes, auto comments, and auto share but you not, then you should download 4Liker Instagram APK from this link below. We already have given a download link, tap the download button and get the file.

What is the 4Liker application?

4liker is the platform which provides a great application to handle the social media websites. You would have used 4gram APK, this application also developed by the same developer company. This 4liker application corporation always provides great application, and we have been using the apps developed by this to get impressions on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This time the application is for Instagram lovers, if you want to see more application of this kind of auto Liker, then tap on the link

How to download and install 4liker Instagram app on a smartphone?

You should download this application from the given link, we already have provided you with a download link. Tap the button and get the file, hope the link will not be expired.

Do not forget to change the device security setting

Before installing 4Liker Instagram application on your phone, do not forget to change the setting of the device. Otherwise, the mobile phone will not allow you to install the application.

change security setting before installing 4Liker instagram application


  1. Tap on the setting of the device
  2. Tap on security setting as shown in the image
  3. scroll down
  4. Tap the unknown sources button


Now, you will go through the installation process easier, the installation of this application is same like other application you install on your mobile phone.

  • Tap on download button
  • Unzip the Instagram 4liker application
  • Tap on the setup file
  • Accept the privacy policy or rules and regulations of the concerned officials
  • Hope you will install the application as I mentioned in this tutorial

Setup your account to get Free Likes on Instagram

You should set up your account accordingly to get the free likes on Instagram using 4Liker Instagram APK. If you are a newbie and had not used any Auto Liker before, you should follow what I am going to narrate in next few lines.

  • To get free impressions your privacy setting should not be private or personal
  • Make the changes in setting, and make the follower setting to public
  • Anyone could tag you, like your picture and comment on your video
  • That setting allows you to get free impressions on Instagram

Now, Log in to your Instagram application using 4Liker Instagram APK

How to Log in?

Should remember that, when you will try to log in your account and still using Instagram on the official application, will not allow you to log in using 4Liker Instagram application.

First, log out from there, and log in here.

You will see generate token option, tap on the generate token and create a token after logging into the account. If you are getting any problem like account block, or token not generated, you should reload the application or log in once using the official Instagram application and then log in using this app.

How to get auto Likes or Followers using 4liker Instagram App

  • Generate the token using this application, do not hesitate in providing the Email id and password.
  • There you will see two tabs, one for auto Likes and the other for auto Followers.
  • For example, if you want to get auto Likes, and you tap on auto Like tab on the given screen.
  • Then this will show you the recent 8 images of you, one can get free auto likes on any other image also.  For this, you need to tap on the custom URL option.
  • And submit the number of impressions as well
  • Within some minutes, you will see auto like have been added to your image
  • Same the way, one can get auto followers.

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