About Us

APKMR is a service which provides useful and helpfulĀ applications and games for their users

This service is dedicated to providing latest released and featured applications and games, it gives you entry to download the applications and games, so, you can install the APK file on your Android devices, and copies also to your SD card for the further use in any other mobile device.

Important to read

APKMR.COM only provides the original and official released applications and games,all the apps will be same as on Google Play store or Official released. There will be no changes, like modifications or Patches in applications &Games

Contacts us:

If you are an Android developer and has developed some very useful applications, and you want usĀ to put that Apps and games on our platform, we are heartily welcome you. You can contact us by visiting our Contact us page

Disclaimer :
  • APKMR.COM is not linked with Google Play store, Android or any other Applications development platforms
  • The apps and games provided here only represent their trademark or platform or developer or publisher
  • apkmr.com is not responsible for any good or bad results of any apps or games, we provide apps and games as on Google Play Store and on other platforms, we are not claiming or representing about the accuracy of apps and games.
  • APKMR.com holds no warranties of any apps or games, we negate all the warranties and all the apps are as it is, you only responsible for any results, we provide the all apps as on Google Play Store or officially released, any results of apps or games will be upon on officials

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