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By | 25th September 2017

Download AIDE-IDE APK:

You can download AIDE-IDE Android, Java C++ APK latest version. This application lets you help in programming of all the basic and major languages. This app got the great interface and navigation. Last and the least, this helps the beginner in programming to do the lots of things itself. Download it on your Android phone and tablet, and start programming.

The Android operating system is one of the vastly used and most appreciated and rated OS on the planet. The top smartphone which you have been seeing and using, all have adopted Android. This was developed and produced by the Google Inc. And after the release of this OS, Google allowed this OS for any brand to get it and use it.

Though in starting, it was not as much famous as other OS, were. Like iOS was launched before Android. And this was used by the Apple, and the only apple used it. It was restricted to use or modify for any other platform by the Apple, it became the biggest mistake by the Apple officials.

Because, the fame and love, this Android got, no one can imagine of that. You would be reading about iPhone, but the masses love Android, and only premium countries and people can afford iPhone.

You got the freedom to develop Android apps:

Google has widely offered their users to create an Android application. We are with you to monetize that application with ads. And for that reason, Google launched new advertisement platforms. Let, do not spread this conversion, and restrict ourselves to Android applications, and Java applications programs.

In these days, to develop an application is nothing, it would be like eating a piece of cake. All the codes, all the button, all the graphics needed have been developed and available. You just click on that button, have a good idea, create your desired and needed application in no time.
For creating a Java or Android application, you need an IDE integrated development environment. Which can test your code, which can show your results, which points out your bugs and errors? In my point of view, I have countered with lots of IDE for developing applications on Android. But no one even can match the level of AIDE-IDE.

How to install AIDE-IDE APK

If you are downloading an APK file from our website, as you can install this on any other device, by moving the file from one device to the other, you need to change some security setting of your phone.
Because, Android OS, not allows a third party application to install on their OS, to save the users from unwanted and malicious applications.

Tap setting of your phone, tap Security setting, and see the option of unknown sources, check the button, and now install this AIDE-IDE on your device.

After installing this restart your device once, to activate all the installation codes on the device.
Now, you are about to develop a wonderful application by just tapping on the different corners and buttons, the results of all those hitting the screens will be shown on the right side of the screen. You can edit your code, right there, can add whatever you want to add and remove.
You are going to be a real Android developer, by getting the interactive and useful lessons step-by-step.

How to build an Application by using AIDE-IDE APK?

  • AIDE has already added the interactive lessons to be a successful developer. You can learn from that lessons, all the lessons are step-by-step, from the beginner to expert.
  • You can follow that lessons. Can edit the codes, can add your texts, and see all the editing on the right of the screen. All the changes will be in front of your eyes.
  • Not only the Android applications but the c/c++ applications, Java/XML AND Eclipse projects.
  • Your mobile smartphone will become a development box, using your Keyboard will be enough to create a project.
  • You must visit the lessons which have been given in the application itself. You can follow that lessons to grip on your coding, to be an expert level Android development programmer.

Features of AIDE-IDE

  1. You can find the interactive and step-by-step lessons and instructions, you can find the lessons in that.
  2. Java Programming lessons, C/C++ programming lessons, Android, and XML app development lessons
  3. Java console application
  4. Create an application with the just tap of your finger
  5. Very easy to use interface, very extensive look, and rich with different codes and libraries
    You can have your code and performance at the same time, one side adding the code, the other sides the performance and changes in the application, real-time editing
  6. The best and interactive XML designs and Layout to make your application a professional one
    So, you as a programmer can take benefits of the features which are provided by the AIDE-IDE. The level of your programming can vary, you can use the mode of beginner, average and expert level to match the skills you have.


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