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By | 17th October 2017

Download Android device manager:

You can download Android device manager from here. Just hit the download button and get the file in APK format. Install this application on your phone, and track your device. Not only track but if you feel the data on the phone is not in safe hand, erase that or make the phone to ring.

There were days when a lost phone means, you have lost the entire data and all the contacts within the phone. It almost was impossible to retrieve the lost phone. So the sensation, trouble, inconvenience associated with the lost phone only that person can feel who has gone through this.

So, now you can have one interesting application, developed by the Google, Android Device Manager. Download this application from the landed website. Install it on your computer, enable the setting of tracking and location, and go to the official website. And locate the mobile which you have lost. Before this, the only option was to check the mobile phone real-location. But now, one can erase the data on the phone, lock the phone or track the phone with the real-time location via GPRS. So, download it first, install it on your mobile phone device, and start tracking your Lost phone.

How to use Android Device manager APK?

Now, download the Android device manager APK on your device first. If you are finding any error while installing the application. Tap on the setting of the mobile phone device, tap on security setting, scroll down a little and check the unknown sources button. Now, try to install the application all over again, hope you will install the application.

  • We are going to have an experimental test of losing the phone and retrieving the phone. Suppose, we have lost the phone, and we are going to track the phone using Android device manager APK.
  • Tap on Android device manager and tap on Google setting, it will be a small gear icon
  • Scroll down a little and find the security option on your mobile phone. It would be at the bottom of the windows
  • You will see this two option on your mobile phone screen. Remotely locate the device and second remotely lock and erase the phone data using this Android device manager APK
  • Android device manager apk
  • Now, you should go to the Google device manager official website.¬†And click on Find my Phone
  • There will be a real-time location of the device.
  • You are required to put your Google account with the password, to get the location of all the devices logged in using that Google account
  • So, there are three different option there now. Either you can make a ring on the mobile phone by clicking the ring and erase the data or lock the data option
  • Android device manager APK

Make the device to ring:

  • So, when you will tap the option to Ring or bell, the mobile phone of you start ringing, which will make you sound the voice to locate the phone
  • The other option will lock the phone, to lock it to a new password. Now after that lock, the person who will be having your phone will need to put the latest password for you, which you are going to change
  • And third option to erase the data for you, you can erase all of your mobile phone data, which you have saved on your mobile phone.
  • So, select the option and do what you are trying to do with the phone.
  • If you want to locate your device, you can tap on the upper option shown in the image
  • Android device manager APK
  • Right after clicking on the gear option, your GPRS enabled on your mobile phone.It will give you real-time location of your mobile phone. The accuracy of that real-time location can be different according to your GPRS quality.

Features of Android Device Manager

Very useful application, which allows you to secure your mobile phone data. Track the mobile phone location or make this able to find the mobile phone with the location of the phone using the GPRS option of the phone.

Has managed the ranking of number one application software. Which gives you the ability to erase the mobile phone data even some friends of you trying to see the data or to steal the data from the phone

  • You can make this to change the security code of the mobile phone.
  • Can add your more than one account to track the all mobile phone location
  • Can add tablet and laptops to know the location of the phone
  • User-friendly interface, just tap the button and start using it

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