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By | 4th October 2017

Download Android  Reaver Hacking:

Download Android reaver Hacking latest version download for Android mobile phone and Tablet. This tool will help you in hacking the nearby Internet connection of you. This, the tool helps you in finding loopholes in your Internet network. In this way, you can fix those hidden Windows in your network.

Internet connection has become the very part of our daily life. We need an internet connection to find a location,  to find the best restaurant nearby, even for searching a house or apartment. Even the daily meeting has moved to Facebook and WhatsApp Chit chat. People prefer to read books on Mobile smartphones and tablet.

So, not having an internet connection creates lots of difficulties and complexes for us. Out today’s post will try to resolve that problem, and we hope so, you could be able to use internet connection by using this Reaver APK hacking application.

How to download and install Reaver APK

First of all, you have needed to download BCMON APK here to use this Reaver APK on your device. You should download this BCMON APK on your phone and install it on your device. If you finding any difficulty in installing BCMON then follow these mentioned steps.

  1. Click the setting of the phone
  2. Tap the security setting of your phone
  3. Find the unknown sources button
  4. And check the unknown sources button

The science behind these changes is, in the Android operating system. The default platform for downloading and installing application is Google Play Store. The files downloaded other than Google Play Store is not allowed to install on the Android OS without of some permission. By checking on the Unknown sources button. You are getting permission from Google Play Store to install the application.

Now, if you have downloaded and installed BCMON APK on your device, you are allowed to install the Reaver Application for hacking of the internet connection.

Root your device:

Before installing the Reaver Hacking application, you need to get the root access of your device. So, you have to root your phone to use this application. If you are not aware of the rooting process, you can read out a tutorial here, we already have updated lots of application to root device, like KingRoot, Framaroot and etc.

You can use any of the rooting application to root your device and access the nearby internet connection around you.

How to use Reaver APK to hack Internet connection

BCMON is the most important application to hack the internet connection; it will cooperate with Reaver APK to hack the internet connection. So, after installing the BCMON install the Reaver APK.

After completing the installation of Reaver APK, tap on the icon from your home screen. New Windows will open here. You will find different option to hack the internet connection. Reaver Hacking application can hack WPA/WPA2.

Before this only WPA was enabled to use from this application but thanks to the developers for making this WPA2 option enabled for now. Now, when you will select the WPA/WPA2 there will be a process started. And all nearby connection around you will be gathered over there. Now, you need to pick the internet connection to which you want to hack. You pick the network, and this application will give you access to that password.

I am not saying, within minutes you will get access to the password. It will take some minutes and in some cases, it will take some hours. So, you need to bear with the application, at the end, this is going to give you access to any network you want.

Features of Reaver hacking application

The core feature of this application is to provide you access to the internet connection. If you are using this application and ready to buy the premium access, you can get more of the features like this

  • Best user interface, give access to the internet, with easiness
  • You have no need to be a developer to use this application, just tap and hack the internet
  • To get the use of the app, you have no need to learn to programme.
  • Can create the backup of the data with such easiness
  • Can secure your internet connection, the home internet, find the loopholes in your network.
  • Monitor mode gives access to all the internet nearby you
  • Smaller size, have no need to download a larger sized file, will work fine even on the 2G internet connection
  • Download free


Hope you would like the tool and will hack the internet connection. If you think, there are problems in doing this. Please, do comment in the comment section.

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