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By | 11th January 2018

Androrat is the combination of two words ‘Android’ and ‘Rat’ (Remote access). And if you come here to download Androrat APK, you would have known the use of this application. By using this application, you can track all the Android devices connected to your Network. You are not required to be a hacker or programmer, to use this application. Just download Androrat V1.2 APK from the given download link.

If you know, how to use this application to track down the mobile phone, then alright. If you do not know, then you keep reading the content, this will help you in setting up Androrat on your Android phone.

What is Androrat and how to use it in 2018?

Androrat is an Application, which makes you able to have a close eye on all the connected phone with your Network. By using this application, you can see what are the other connected devices doing? And if you are a parent, and want to monitor your kid’s activity, you must use this application.

Androrat APK

Androrat Application allows you to monitor your Kid’s Activity over smartphone

The purpose of this application to develop to make sure your internet safety. Sometimes, when you allow people to connect to your Wi-FI they start installing some malicious injections to track your activity or hack the network down. This application will allow you to see what the other connected people doing. And if someone trying to install malicious stuff on your network, you just have him red-handed.

Androrat is a Server based program, and it is developed in Java. And this will make you help to get all the information of the people who connect to your network.

You will get access to all of the mobile phones remotely, get to know the people installing the programs, watching videos, using some websites or making calls to the contacts sending messages and etc.

Features of Androrat APK

This is one of the best application to monitor the activity of the persons connected to your network. And this can do anything for you. You can get the contacts information on the phone, can have the real-time SMS, can get the call logs, videos and much more.

You even can track the social Media accounts by using the app. It becomes difficult to track the social media accounts, as most of them are secure and difficult to hit.

  • You can get all the information about the connected mobile phones
  • Get the call history or live call records
  • Get the Call logs and SMS
  • ┬áContact list
  • See what other people are watching on your network
  • Reading and sending the messages
  • Can take the snaps by using the camera of the person
  • Can read the emails
  • Browser history
  • GPS locations
  • Message tracer
  • App managers to know the application installed
  • Get the IMEI number on the phone
  • Mac address of the device
  • Cell phone carrier
  • Get to know either the device is rooted

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