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By | 21st October 2017

 Apental Calc description

Our today’s topic is related to social media and Facebook. Facebook is the biggest social media giant nowadays. Everyone loves to be on Facebook, and this medium has become more addictive day by day. The previous month, Facebook crossed 2 billion hits on Social media and become the first website, who got this amount of impressions or hits in a single month. That was the one point, the other point is, day by day, it has also become difficult for one to get impressions on their social media accounts and Fan pages.

The app just not provides your likes on your Facebook account but on posts, comments, and shares. The application is one of the top-notch, and people are really loving this application for the features it got.

Use of Apental application is not that difficult.

First, you need to download this Apental Calc APK from the link, then try to install the application on your mobile phone.

If you are getting any error on your mobile while installing this application.

Try to change the Installation setting by tapping on Setting> security setting> scroll down> and check the unknown sources button. As, this is changes are not limited to Apental Calc APK but whatever the application is, if you are downloading from this party source, it certainly will give you an option to change the entire setting.

Now, hope you will install the application on your mobile phone, the next step is how to get Impressions using Apental Calc APK for Android mobile phone.

Point to remember:

“Whatever the auto Liker you are going to use, you always have to change the privacy setting. If you are not going to change the privacy setting to public, no amount of impression will be added to your account. So, change the profile setting to the public not private or personal.”

Now, you can get a huge amount of impressions on your profile picture, status, fan page, business page and much more Like that.

Get Facebook Impressions Now:

Log into the Facebook account after installing Apental Calc APK. Remember to log in using the application. Provide your Facebook ID and password, remember that this application is not going to steal your password to data. So you can safely provide the data without of any hesitation.

Now, you will get three tabs on the home screen of Apental.

  1. Get free likes
  2. Free comments
  3. And free shares

You need to tap on one tab to get free likes. Now, it will ask you to get the types of impressions you want. Like, you want to get happy impressions, love impressions, angry impressions and much more.

And also give the numbers of likes you want to get. Please beware, Facebook has introduced new algorithms which stop using the tool which can manipulate the numbers of likes. So, do not go more than 200 likes in one submission. But, one half an hour, you can re-submit and get 200 more impressions. Like this way, you can have thousands of free likes and followers on Facebook.

Features of Apental Calc APK

  • You are going to get a huge amount of impressions on your profile by using Apental Calc APK without of paying any amount of money
  • All impressions will be genuine and spam free, no need to worry, either your account will be spam or data will be stolen.
  • Can get thousands of impressions
  • Clean and simple interface, have no need to submit the code or generation of the code, simple tap and get
  • Can get impressions on your Fan page, Business page, Profile picture or status.
  • The positive word of mouth can better tell you about the reputation of the application
  • You will get 200 plus impressions on each submission.
  • Do not exceed the limitation provided otherwise, your account will be banned by the Facebook
  • Free of cost

What if you are getting errors?

Yes, it is possible you may get the error while using this application. But, the reason will not be this application. You might be missing something like you might not have changed the Facebook profile settings. To get the likes, comments, and shares on Facebook, using Apental Calc, you need to have a public profile setting.

So, you need to change the profile setting. If you want to get followers on Facebook, enable the follower option. To get hundreds of likes on Facebook, you need allow people to like your content on Facebook. And same lies in getting comments on Facebook. Hope, if you do set the settings like this, you will start getting likes on Facebook by using this application.

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