Appsara APK v(1.1) Free download latest version for Android

By | 22nd November 2017

 Download Appsara APK :

Download Appsara APK Latest version on Android mobile phone and tablet device. Install this with the recommended setting mentioned below in the post. And start downloading free application, games, coins and much more.

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While playing video games, you more than once had stopped playing due to not having coins and dollars on your account. You do not have money to pay off to continue the game. Or you search on Google play store and want to download a premium application, but due to not having money could not. All these troubles, hunt us down many times, and today in this post, you will get rid of such issues. So, download Appsara APK, the application which will allow you to get an immense amount of coins and cash and add it to your account. Get this Appsara application from this page and install it on your mobile phone. Hack the games coins and cash, and add it to your bucket to continue the playing the game.

The developers had worked hard on the application to make it workable for your Android devices. And up till now, what I have checked, this application works fine on all Android version. Moreover, the next version can be tested after the launch, and if you got any issue in installing Appsara application on your device, please let us know.

What is Appsara APK?

The reason behind the developing of this Appsara application was stuffing of the dollars in the games. Whatever game you want to play, you would see dollars and amount to unlock the features. So, the idea came into existence, and you are now can get the unblocked games on your mobile phones by just tap of your finger.

Appsara is an application for Android phones, which can get dollars, coins, Gold in your games, to get the premium features of the games or to unlock the some advance tools of the games

One can easily get the dollars on the mobile phone, can get all the premium and paid features by just installing the application and launching it. Though the use of this application is not as simple as some of the newbies think, you will get no trouble if you follow my every line.

 Appsara APK

Before this, many application was launched to hack the premium packages of the games, but most of them were fake or not working on all applications. But, the Appsara APK application is working fine for every device, plus you have no need to root the device, just have it, install it and start using it.

Must remember:

Before installing Appsara APK on your mobile phone to hack the premium features of the games, you need to change the default security setting of the device. Otherwise, this application will not install on your device, due to the security of Android devices. Follow me to change the security setting

  1. Tap on the setting of the mobile phone device
  2. Tap on the security setting
  3. Scroll down a little
  4. Check the unknown sources button
  5. And restart the mobile phone once

How to install Appsara Application on Android phone free?

The installation of this application is as simple as the other application which you download from the third source. But, make sure to change the above mention changes on your mobile phone device. Anyhow, if you are new and do not know the installation of Appsara APK v1.1 version, then go through the mentioned process

  • First, download the application on your mobile phone device, we already have given a download link, tap on the download button and get the file
  • Make changes to the device as mentioned above
  • Tap on the setup files, and allow all the permission required to install the application
  • Follow the procedure
  • And complete the installation, try to restart the device once
  • Hope you will get the safe installation, without any big error

Now, after installing the process how one can use it to get dollars, coins and gold on their account, read the next phrases to get through this question

How to use Appsara APK to hack the games?

You would have used Lucky Patcher Application to get the coins and dollars in the game, but the taste of the salt of this Appsara APK is different from all other application, hope you are going to get the real benefits of this application.

  • Launch the application after installing it, you would see screen like this

 Appsara APK download


  • Tap on the activate option given in the Windows and activate the application to get the free coins and dollars in the games

activate the appsara application


  • Now, when you already have activated the Appsara APK on your Android device, go ahead to next phase, do not close the Appsara screen, minimize it in here, and tap on the home screen after this
  • Now, tap on the desired game, you want to hack or add coins in that game
  • In my case, you can see in the images, I am urgently required dollars to lock the features of the game, go on and tap on the dollars option in the Windows

Use of the Appsara apk

  • You will see a screen, by accepting the screen, you will go to the getting of the dollars, you can see I got no dollars in my account, and to unlock all the features, mentioned with arrowhead, I need to pay for them, so tap on the dollars option and accept the pop-up
  • You will get the dollars, as mentioned in the images, try to tap on, again and again, to make your account bulky in minute

appsara application


Hope you are going to get the dollars and can play the next level of the game by using Appsara Application, like the way, I have described in here.

Features of Appsara APK

Appsara APK is an amazing application, and you will love to get it and use it. I am also a very big fan of this application, but there is some limitation as well.One cannot get dollars and coins for online games, you cannot hack a game whose server is not your mobile phone. This application changes the memory allocations, which cannot be gained for online games.

  1. Best application to get offline coins, scores, dollars, and cash
  2. Easy to manage, easy to handle and great interface
  3. Easy navigation, allow you to explore the inch and corner of the application
  4. No need to pay any amount in order to get the application download link
  5. Can have it and use it without rooting of the mobile phone
  6. It can hack almost every game which is in the market
  7. User interface is very friendly and smooth
  8. Getting coins in the game is also very handy
  9. Bypassing the application downloading using Appsara application is very useful
  10. Even can add the premium application in the bucket of Appsara APK

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