Bugs Liker APK Latest v5.0 download for Android

By | 8th January 2018

Bugs Liker APK download

You can download Bugs Liker APK from the download button above. Just hit the download button and get the File in APK format. This APK File gives you thousands of free impressions on Facebook.

If you are fed up using auto Likers, and still find no impressions on your Facebook profile. Then, download Bugs Liker APK on your Android phone, and start getting sure fire impressions. This is one of the most followed, used and top-rated auto Liker in the market. And thousands of the people right now are using this to get free likes on Facebook. Not only on the profiles, but one can get auto likes on the Business page, fan page, images, and status. So, tap the download button, and get bugs Liker application downloaded on your Android phone.

How to install Bugs Liker APK on Android phone

Bugs Liker is an Android application. And you need to install this on an Android phone. So, first, you should change the installation setting. If you do not know, how to change it then follow me.

The default installation setting only allows you to download apps from Google Play store. And if you to download apps from the internet, this default setting would not allow you to install it. So, you have to change it, as some of the application downloaded from the internet, can harm the mobile phone. And Google wants you to be safe. But, Bugs Liker is a safe application, download it from here and install on your device. Make the changes on your phone like the way I am going to narrate.

  1. Tap on the Android phone setting
  2. Tap on the security setting
  3. Scroll down a little to find the Unknown source button
  4. Check the unknown source button
  5. Restart your mobile phone once

Now, install the bugs Liker APK on your phone. Once you install it launch the application to get the auto liker for what you had made it install on your phone.

bugs liker apk download

Bugs Liker application download and install on your Android phone

Get free Likes on Facebook using Bugs Liker application

Now, you had reached the final step- to get the free likes on your posts. If you think, the auto Likers are a scam, and can steal your data or can harm your privacy, you need to move back from here. As all the auto Likers are not the same. There is dozens of the auto Liker listed on our page, all trusted and safe.

Now, you need to launch the Bugs Liker application on your Android phone. Provide your Email id with the password. And reach to the windows where you could see the auto Liker or follower button. From that Windows, you can tap on the auto Liker or follower. For example, you need to have auto Liker or free impressions on your Facebook account. Tap on the Auto Liker button, and this will lead you to the latest images of you. You need to select the one image, and also provide the number of impressions.

Right after the submission, you will start getting free likes on Facebook account. And like this way, you can gather thousands of the likes on Facebook status.

If you had followed the way, still not able to get any Likes, you might be doing the same mistake, as most of the users do.

Change the Facebook privacy setting

As most of the guys do not know, Facebook privacy is the biggest hurdle in getting free likes on Facebook. As, you are doing automated tools, which do not know you. And the people which will provide free likes will not be from your friend list. So, you need to change the follower setting and timeline and tagging setting to get free likes and followers.

  1. The Follower setting should be public
  2. Your Facebook timeline and tagging should be anyone
  3. Facebook likes and comment should be public

Now, you can get free Likes on your Facebook account.

If you do not Like Bugs Liker and want to try some other Likes, you need to use KingLiker applications, Apental Calc application

Features of Bugs Liker APK

  • One of the most used auto Liker
  • Can provide free likes up to thousands of the numbers
  • In one submission, you do get more than 200 likes
  • Clear navigations
  • Smooth interface
  • Safe auto Liker
  • Does not steal the data
  • No posting of the bad links on your behalf
  • No spam posting

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