CF Auto Root APK Latest version download for Android

By | 25th October 2017

Download CF Auto root:

You can download the latest version of CF Auto Root Application. This app lets you get the root access to An Android phone or tablet. With few taps of your finger, you can get root permission from an Android phone. Install your desired application, and enjoy the freedom of rooting.

CF Auto Root APK will allow you to have root access, or grant root permission to your Android device. If you are landed on this page, then you know what is the root and how to do rooting of a phone, if you do not know, about rooting an Android phone, then visit this link.

This application will easily grant you root access. Before the APK format of CF Auto Root APK, the developer Chain Fire, the amazing person developed the software for rooting on Windows. And by seeing the popularity, the person developed it for the Android phone. Now you can have this on your Android phone, and easily have Superuser permission on mobile. Easily can install every application you want can remove useless features from your phone. Can remove the stuff which is hurting the memory of your phone.

We have given you a download link of CF Auto Root, you can tap the download button, download the file, install it on your mobile phone, and have the root access to your mobile phone.

How to use CF Auto Root to get Root access?

By following this article, you would be able to get root access to your mobile phone. Getting root access for a mobile phone can destroy you if you do not know about root. It breaks the license of your mobile phone. Read What is root and how to get root access to an Android phone?


  •  First, download the CF auto root APK from the given link
  • Install the file on your mobile phone, it might give you some option about the security of the phone, or the rooting of the phone can be dangerous for the phone etc, you skip or overlook the pop-up and keep installing the application
  • Now, when the application will be installed on your mobile phone, restart your mobile phone once
  • Tap on the CF auto root application icon, which will be created on the home screen and launch the app
  • When the application will open, you will see the green button or some older version some other color button and root will be written on that button
  • Press that Root button, your mobile phone will go in downloading root files
  • Your internet connection should be powerful and consistency
  • Check the battery of the phone also before rooting of the phone, it should be more than 40%
  • Within ten minutes, your mobile phone screen will start giving you the logo of your mobile phone, and the OS will be launched on the phone
  • You should check the Superuser option on the phone, if the option is there, then the root was successful
  • Plus, download the Superuser application and install on your phone, and if you want to check either the rooting of the phone was successful or not then install the root checker on the phone’
  • Hope you get the idea about rooting the phone

Features of CF Auto Root application

There are dozens of the features which this small tool has, you can have all these features by installing it on your mobile phone, plus, I am not going to explore all, you need to install and explore all these.

  1. There are 600 plus devices, mobile phone, brand and models which can be rooted using CF auto Root App
  2. You have no need to worry either your mobile phone will be compatible with the CF auto root or not, all the mobile phones will work fine
  3. Especially if you got Samsung mobile phone, then trust on this application with blind eyes
  4. Samsung, Motorola, LG, Google Nexus, Nokia, Lenovo, Huwaei you name the phone, and it will install the root file for that phone
  5. Very clean and simple interface
  6. Rooting of your mobile phone is just one tap away from you
  7. Backup the data before rooting the phone
  8. Download the CF auto root APK to root your Flash phone in fast boot mode

Points to remember

Before rooting of your mobile phone

Please backup of your data, any wrong step towards rooting of the phone can destroy your personal data. Plus, if you are rooting the mobile phone with computer, then enable the USB debugging on your phone. Otherwsie, there will be no root for your phone.

And last, if you are downloading this CF auto root APK from third soure, then change the security setting of your phone. Tap the setting> tap on security setting > check unknown sources button, and restart your mobile phone.

Hope this application will help you in rooting of Android phone. There are other applications, like Kingroot application, Easy root APK, Root master which also can help you in rooting. If your phone does not support, CF Auto Root, check the other apps which I have mentioned above.

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