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By | 16th January 2018

Social Media is the sweetheart of this generation. Every Kid nowadays would be on Social Media. If you are fed up with using Facebook and want to communicate with People using any other platform, Chatimity will be the best alternative. You can communicate with people using Chatimity APK and get chance to meet your soul partner or the person to whom you could discuss. Chatimity APK allows you to find new people around the globe, there is no restriction here, no boundaries just create your account there and start discussing with the new people you want. You can download Chatimity APK from the given link. Tap the download button below, and install this app on your Android phone.

Make new friends using Chatimity application

In this age of digital media, the attention span has become shorter. People do not interact with each other online, and all are so busy in finding new ways, either it is about jobs or educations. The life race has become difficult, and everyone wants to cross each other in that race. In that world, if Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram had not been there, people might forget the face of their loved ones.

chatimity APK downlod

But, Facebook and the other social media are nowadays very crowded. There are very fewer chances, you could find a person to whom you could discuss the matters. Especially for the newcomers who had not any great presence offline. In this way, the Chatimity application provides you chance to meet the new people.

Install this application

  • Tap the download button and download Chatimity Application
  • Install it on your Android device
  • Change the installation setting before installing this application
  • And launch it on your device

The chatimity application provides very extensive and different experience. The experience you would never get on any other social media site or chat room.

Chatimity had recently launched the newer interface to increase the user experience of the users. The freshdesk had added a new flavor in chatting on Chatimity. Now, you can easily find the people of your interest and can have the longer conversation than ever before.

Participate in the discussion

Chatimity had added new features by seeing the interest of the people over there. This application allows you to get more information than ever before. You can add any topic there and can find people on that topic. Even you can add your friends to that topic.

If there is conversation already on some other platform, you can visit those categories and can have conversations.

Participate in the active conversations, and get information on any topic. You can say, this is the unique platform where people can interact with each other and can have very healthy conversations. People can help each other, can solve the issues and most importantly can add new friends, if someone has no friends.

Features of Chatimity APK

This is the best application which can provide you the best results if you are finding people to discuss on any matter. There are categories, from where you can search for topics and discuss people on that.

  • Best application to find new people an meet them around the world
  • Best alternative to the Facebook
  • Nice interface to chat with each other, and to watch videos there
  • Best medium to share images and videos
  • Clean interface
  • It can be used on Android phone and tablet as well
  • Find people who interested in the topics what you love to discuss
  • Ask Questions and have healthy conversations

Download Chatimity APK from the given download Link. We have already provided you the download Link. If the link does not work, or the application does not provide the same results what we discussed here. Please do comment in the comment section, so that we could take instant actions


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