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By | 22nd September 2017

Download Coolpad Mobile PC Suite:

Coolpad Mobile PC Suite Latest version has been released, and if you had the older version. You can update it to the latest version. The link has already given at the end of this post, you can download and update to the latest version.

Chinese Mobile phones are getting popularity in the market. With the two releases Xiomi and Gionee now the third one, Coolpad has entered into the smartphone world. Chinese mobile phone is hitting the Asian market. And before the release of the phone, there was great buzz regarding the phone. The phone value was up to the mark, but the loopholes also were there. When the phone was released, there was nothing like PC suite from the officials to connect the phone to the personal computer.

But, now Coolpad Mobile PC Suite has been released and entered the market. The people who have a mobile phone with this brand now would be able to download it and connect the personal computer to have a communication.

How to download and install Coolpad Mobile PC Suite?

The link has already given; you can download it from the Link above. And the installation of this PC suite is very easy. You just follow the steps I am going to mention here.

First, if you have already installed the older version of this PC suite. You have no need to download a separate file to install it. You just update it, you should go to the device manager of your PC, and check the driver of this name. If it has already installed, then tap on the update the driver button. The Windows will automatically update the driver.

Manually Update the driver:

You can manually update the driver as well. Like download the file, and tap on the update manual option, and browse to the downloaded file. You will see the driver start updating.

If you have not installed already, then double click on the downloaded file, and install it. Allow all the permission required to install a driver. It is like installing a simple application or software, there will be nothing new in this.

When you follow all the regulations, it will come to the end of the installation, press the Finish button and restart your computer.

Now, you have installed Coolpad Mobile PC Suite on your personal computer.

You know the importance of a PC suite; it connects your computer to the phone. You can use it for communicating your phone and sending files from one side to the other side.

  1. First, you should enable the USB debugging on your phone. One can do it manually before connecting phone to the computer.
  2. And connect one side to the phone and others side with the computer.
  3. Allow the data communication on your phone, or enable the phone storage
  4. Now, you are connected your phone to the PC suite, you can take benefit of this connection.

Features of Coolpad Mobile PC Suite

  • There would be lots of features of a PC suite; they are made for making our lives easier than before.
  • Here, I am going to tell you the most loved and used features of this Coolpad Mobile PC Suite
  •  Send any files, the bigger sized file with a good speed, and without of risk of data corruption
  • Can send audio files, video files, contacts, calendars, alarm and much more
  • You can organize your data available or saved on your phone, create folder for proper files and save those files on the related folders
  •  Share the internet connection; you can enable the internet sharing. In this way, both the devices will use same internet connection, without of any risk or danger.
  • You can sync the data available on your PC. This feature is my most favorite one, and you can save your setting, favorite browser, browsing habits, alarms, Email setting, phone contacts, Microsoft words, PowerPoint files and much more, with just one tap
  • Very friendly interface, you would love to work with this PC suite

Supported Windows OS:

No worries about the version of Windows OS, this PC suite supports. This Coolpad Mobile PC Suite latest version supports almost all versions of Windows, XP, 7, 8, and 8.1,10. You just download this, tap the download button and get the file. If the download button here is not working, please comment down and mention this. Our team will try to fix this as soon as possible.

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