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By | 16th November 2017

Download Cyber Liker APK:

You can download the latest version of Cyber Liker APK from the Above given download Button. Just hit the download button and get the application in APK format. Install this application on Android phone or tablet and start using Targeted Likes on Facebook. Hope you will Like this Auto Liker Application.

Cyber Liker APK is the most famous and top-rated application in the field of Auto Likes. You might have used 4gram APK, King Liker APK, and other Auto Likers, but when you will use this Cyber Liker. I myself is fond of this application, this is developed by the Indian developers and managed all the things well. The interface of the application is quite simple, and there are different tabs for different things. For, example, you can select either you want to get thumbs up impressions, angry impressions or love impressions.

This Auto Liker will provide the same, not only status impressions but image impressions, Fan page impressions, business page impressions and Facebook profile impressions as well.    

Download and install Cyber Liker to get impressions

Not only on Facebook this Cyber Liker APK will provide you auto impressions on your Instagram account as well. So, get ready to get auto Likes and follow each step which I am going to mention in this article.

  • First, tap the download button and get the file, hope the download link would be working fine.
  • Now, when you have downloaded the application. Before installing this Cyber Liker application change some security setting on your mobile phone device.

Change the Android phone security setting 

  • Tap on the setting -> Security setting -> scroll down a little -> and check the unknown sources radio button
  • Now, install this application on the device.

Launch Cyber Liker application now

  • Launch the application now it will show the screen and you should follow as what has been demanded to get free impressions.
Cyber Liker APK

Tap o the Get Access code option

  • Now, put your Email ID on which you want to get free impressions, and provide the password (do not hesitate to put your Email id and password, no one is saving your password)
  • To get the access code which has mentioned in the post with the arrowhead.
Cyber Liker app

Copy that code and paste it into the mentioned area

Now, it will take you to the next screen, where some security checkup will try to hunt you down. But keep patience and try to fill up all the security captchas.

How to get impressions using Cyber Liker APK

Now, we have entered into the last step, where we will get the free impression by using Cyber Liker free application.

  • You will be headed toward this screen now, tap on the mentioned area of impressions
get free impressios using Cyber Liker application

Tap on the area, select the impressions, likes or other any impressions

  • One can get the impressions by selecting the area, tap on the number of impressions.
  • To get the impressions on your pictures, tap on the picture tab and get the impressions on your images, profiles and much more like that
  • Get the impressions on custom ID, select the option of Custom ID tab
  • You can get impressions, how much impressions you want to get select it and have it

Must remember:

To get free auto Likes, auto comment and auto shares by using this application, you need to change the Facebook profile setting. For example, if the setting of your profile is not public, no one can comment, like your ID except friends, then you will not get any impression using this app.

  •  The follower setting should be changed to public
  • And timeline and tagging to anyone
  • Change everyone can contact and message you

Why one would like to get impressions using Cyber Liker 

That is the question, right one why one would like to use Cyber Liker free download to get impressions. Sometimes, when you want to show off, you can use this application. With simple taps, you will get an immense amount of free impressions.

  1. Plus one can get free impressions on Business page, and within night the product of you will be famous on your area
  2. One artist can get free impressions by using Cyber Liker APK, to get the crows on his/her Facebook page, to get recognition
  3. By using one id for getting access code and other ids to get free impression, you can do this, for using this option you have to tap on custom ID option
  4. These are free impression, you have no need to pay any amount


Hope you will like this auto Liker application. So, we share many other this type of applications. Hope you will like those apps and get the right use of them. If something goes wrong, you should contact us via Contact us page.

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