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By | 13th January 2018

When it comes to Rooting of An Android there are dozens of the applications in the market which can do root for your Android phone. If you are searching for that application which provides root with just one tap you should download Easy Rooting Toolkit APK. Download the latest version of Easy Rooting toolkit and get permission to root your Android phone. And have the freedom to install the desired application, remove the built-in features which are useless and unnecessary. Download this application in APK format so that you could use this later.

Access the root files easily by using the Easy Rooting Toolkit

When someone told a newbie to root an Android phone, most of the newcomers do not agree to root. There can be many reasons but top reasons would be voiding the software warranty on the phone. And it is true, but for a tech geek and who love to experience new thing, this would be nothing. I myself love to root my Android phone because it gives me the freedom to do anything. You can have Android Lollipop by rooting on Android KitKat version, though this is not allowed officially. The KitKat users cannot have the Lollipop by updating the Android phone. So, if you agree to root the Android phone, download Easy Rooting Toolkit APK for Android and get the root files.


Download and Install Easy Rooting Toolkit

Install this application on your Android phone. If the installation is blocked or showing some kind of errorsRoo you need to enable the unknown sources button.

  1. Unknown sources options is must to enable when you install an app downloaded from the third-party source
  2. Tap on the setting of the device-> tap on security setting-> and check the unknown sources radio button

Now, you will be able to install the easy rooting toolkit. Install it on your Android phone, and once the installation is completed, root your Android phone.

Easy rooting toolkit apk

Install Easy rooting toolkit APK and get the phone rooted with just one tap

Launch the easy rooting toolkit APK and accept the terms and conditions. Without of it, the app would not install on your Phone. And tap on the root button. Your phone will be rooted in just five minutes, you need to bear the bar for just a few minutes. If the phone is not correctly launching and not showing the logo screen and ahead page. You should repeat the rooting process again. As, rooting with the Easy rooting toolkit APK does not take much of your time, repeating the process would not take much of the time.

Features of easy Rooting Toolkit

For those who are new to using an Android phone and do not have any idea to root or rooting, easy rooting toolkit will be the best option to chose from. As by rooting with this application, you do not need to have any computer or connecting the phone to any USB cable. Just download and lunch, and you will get the root permission.

  • Rooting for an Android phone with easy rooting toolkit can provide you with more than one benefits
  • You can install your loved application, can remove the built-in and unnecessary applications
  • You will have complete control over your Android phone
  • Install any application
  • This will increase the battery life your phone
  • It will increase the mobile phone performance
  • Easy rooting with easy rooting toolkit
  • Best interface to have
  • Clean navigation to go through
  • One-click root
  • Free of cost
  • Can use lifetime free and all the services will be free

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