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By | 8th December 2017

Download Flash Liker(FlashLiker) APK


Download Latest version of Flash Liker APK from the Button Above. Just hit the download button and get the file in APK format. Install the app on your Android phone and tablet, and get free Likes on Facebook.

You know Facebook exploding day by day, the numbers are almost has become double than the previous two years. You would also have been using Facebook, to contact your friends, family, and other colleges. And almost all of the people who use Facebook get addicted to this medium, and I am clear about one point, this is one of the most addicting websites, who eats lots of time.

By increasing the population over Facebook, it is going difficult to get noticed. And if you are not among those who get lots of impressions, comments, and conversation you will be less noticed offline as well. So, to covering that aspect of your life, we are going to share with you Flash Liker(FlashLiker) APK. This auto Liker provides thousands of free likes, comments, and shares on your Facebook page, profile, and status. By using this Free auto Likes on can boost the online presence, and can get noticed by the other colleges.

flash liker apk download

If you do not Like this auto Liker you can have a visit our Auto Liker portion to get other Auto Likers as well. Like, King Liker application or Cyber Liker application or 4Gram Application

How to install Flash Liker Application on Android phone?

To install Flash Liker application on your Android phone, you need to make some changes. Without of these mentioned change, you would get nothing. So, follow the process and, whether you do not get likes by following the steps, comment down in the section.

Change Android installation setting

You need to change Android phone installation setting before installing the application. As you are downloading the application from our servers, third-party source. So, you should change the installation setting to third party sources, to do this…!

Flash Liker APK

  1. Tap on Mobile phone setting
  2. Tap on security setting
  3. Check the unknown sources button, you can find this by scrolling down a little
  4. And restart the mobile phone
  5. Install the application

Now, you can get the file installed on your mobile phone. And the next step is to launch the application to get the free auto likes on your Facebook profile, business page, and Fan page as well.

How to get Free Likes using Flash Liker (FlashLiker) APK?

The real use of the application, just a step away, getting its foot in the door if you allow this to enter. Now, when you installed the app, to get free likes, you need to follow me.

Make sure to change the Facebook profile setting

If you had put security on your Facebook profile, you are not going to get auto Likes, to avoid the situation, you should change the Facebook profile setting accordingly.

  • Facebook follower setting should be public
  • Facebook timeline and tagging should be anyone
  • Contact or message to be public
  • Anyone could follow you, could post content on your timeline, could message or contact you

After making these changes, now you launch the Flash Liker (Flash Liker ) APK on your phone, Android phone or tablet.

Log in your account using Flash Liker or Flash Likes application

The next step- to log into your account using Flash Liker. Most of the newbies stopped here and exit. They think, the app going to save the password, to post the bad links, spam links, to hack the private data or steal the content. Beleive me, the application, FlashLiker APK is one of the most trusted application, and thousands of people are using this application.

Log in your account, put Email ID, provide password and get in the door to get free likes

Get Facebook Likes now

Now, you will see the different tab, you should tap on the Auto Likes option, if you want to get auto likes, in case of auto comments, should tap on that. You can change the likes type as well.

It will browse your latest 8 images, in case if you want to get auto likes, and you should select one out of 8. Submit the image, submit the amount, and tap on the submit button as well.

Within few minutes, you will start getting auto likes on your Facebook page. All auto likes will be free, no will disappear.

To get auto comments, you can go to this option as well, and repeat the above-mentioned process

Features of FlashLiker Auto Liker application

  • Flash liker provide free likes, spam free and genuine as well
  • Can get thousands of auto likes
  • Can set geographical location to get targeted application
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Can go through the entire application
  • Free to use

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