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By | 5th October 2017

 Download GalaxSim Unlock Pro:

You can download the latest and updated version of GalaxSim Unlock. This application lets you unlock your SIMs Lock to use them all over again in the restricted region. Or sometimes, you get a mobile phone locked with the only carrier. This app will break that Layer and will let you get the right use of your mobile phone. Just hit the download button above, and get the file in APK format.

You would have faced the problem of a locked phone with a network or a carrier. You know the difficulties of the locked phones limited to the only carrier. Today, in this post, we would like to shed light on the topic of a Locked phone. How one can unlock their phone using GlaxSim Unlock Pro?

Why the Manufacturer Lock the phone?

When I heard the first time, about locking the phone with one carrier. I was worried, why a manufacturer would like to lock their phone for a specific region or specific network carrier. Now, I got the idea about it. First, there is a good amount of money involved behind this. The manufacturer charges a good pounds of flesh to lock the specific carrier or network. The reason is, the user will use the only carrier and will earn some more business to them. Not only the carrier, but manufacture earns the money, they take their own part.

GalaxSim unlock prod

The second reason for locking of the phone for a specific region is. Outside of the country, in some regions, the mobile phone might be cheaper. So, if you are carrying phones, you will not be able to use it, hence cannot sell the phone to make some business. To stop this kind of business, mobile phone manufacturer locked the phone with the network and other than that.The mobile manufacturer also charges a good amount of money from the users who want to unlock the phone. You can contact the officials and ask them to provide the unlock code, they will ask you about charges, and in return, you will get the code to unlock the phone.

How to unlock a phone with GlaxSim Unlock Pro:

First, most of the people think, it is impossible to unlock a locked phone. You can use many of tools to open the lock of the phone, but GalaxSim Pro will be the best. You can have this tool on your mobile phone unlock the network in a matter of seconds. In next few lines, I am going to elaborate the entire process of unlocking the phone using GalaxSim Unlock pro tool.

  1. Download GalaxSim Unlock pro latest version from the given link below, you can tap the download button to get the file
  2. Now, this application tool only works for those devices which have the Super User access on their phones. You can use any tool to root the device to get the root permission. Download Kingroot APK to get the root permission for your device.
  3. When you will try to install this tool on your device. It might show some error, so check the unknown sources button.Vist the setting> security setting > Unknown sources and check the button.
  4. Now, when you will install the device, it will pop-up with a message, allow the GalaxSim Unlock pro to access your videos, photos, and data. To use this application, you will have to tap the allow button. There is nothing like this, this is just like a protocol to install an application. You can see the image below.

unlock mobile phone using GlaxSim unlock

Root the phone:

  1. If you have not rooted the device, it will take you to root access, below image can clear some idea about this, by using this KingRoot APK you can root your device
  2. It will load the files for some moments to get the root access to the phone, bear with the application and do not be hasty
  3. Now, the blue button of unlocking will appear, but before pressing this button on, you should backup of your important data. If you had already backed up data, good, if not then this app will help you in doing this
  4. Now, press the unlock button, in this the network which was locked to your phone will be unlocked, and IMEI will be unlocked and you will be able to use any of the carriers you desire.You will see this kind of image on your unlock screen

unlock mobile phone

Features of GalaxSim Unlock Pro:

GalaxSim Unlock is one of the leading application to unlock the phone. You can have this to unlock all the brand’s smartphone especially Samsung mobile phones. There are some extraordinary features this application tool is offering.

  • You can use this tool to unlock all brands smartphones
  • Can unlock SIM lock, Phone lock, IMEI Lock and much more
  • Can unlock region or country lock
  • Free of cost have no need to pay any amount of money
  • Ads free
  • User-friendly interface will allow you to use this application with simple gestures, you can watch some videos also
  • In this way, you can get the root access to the device, if there is no root permission
  • You phone will never ask the locked phone or provide the pin code to unlock the phone

So, this was a little guide to root an Android phone. Hope you will get the desired results. If you got something not working for you, please do your feedback.

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