Game Killer APK download Latest v3.11 for Android

By | 13th March 2018

Download Game Killer (GameKiller) APK

Game Killer is an Android application, which allows you to hack or modify offline games.  This application works only on Offline games, and it modifies the game’s memory. So, you can hack it and get your desired results. This application almost works like Game Guardian, SBMan Game Hacker, and KKGamer APK. The game Killer application does not kill your games, but it helps you in getting more scores, coins, cash and unlock the premium features of the game. Those who love to play offline games would love this application. As Game Killer works smoothly, you get your targeted runs in an offline game.

You can download Latest version V3.11 of Game Killer Application, and install it on your phone or tablet. Modify the aspects of the game. Get more Lives, increase or decrease the speed of the game and much more.

Game Killer is a powerful and very effective application. The application almost compatible with all Android mobile phones. It works for almost all offline games, and you can install it on any Android version. Either it is Android Lollipop or Android Marshmallow. You get this app installed on your phone or tablet. And hack the game, modify its characteristics, and unlock the premium features.

How to hack Games using Game Killer (GameKiller) APK?

If you are the one who has been using Game modification application, it is alright. You just get the game and install it by doing the stuff we use to install. If you are new, and before this did not use any application to change the game scores and other things, you need to follow the post till the end.

In this post, you will get a detailed guide to hack any offline game using Game Killer application. You should change Android phone setting

To install the game killer, you need to change the Android phone setting. The default setting of your phone will not allow the game killer to install. So, tap on the setting-> security setting -> and check the unknown source radio button. Now, you play the game which you want to hack.

For example, if you want to hack Hill Climb game. You need to play the game a little earn some scores, coins by playing the game. And you pause the game.

Launch Game Killer

Now, launch the application, and there will be a search bar. You need to tap on the game which you want to hack. And tap on the search bar, search for the number of scores which you made. If you get only one value, you should change it to your desired number. If there are more than one results there, you play the game little more and earn some unique numbers.

game killer

In this way, you can earn any number of scores by using Game Killer application. To unlock the premium features of the game, like unlocking the lavish cars or other stuff. You search the game and edit the details.

game killer apk

Remember, Game Killer only work fine with the game which is installed in local memory. Those games, which has live servers cannot be hacked. And you should not try to hack those games, otherwise, you will be responsible for the damage to your phone.

While changing the game scores, you should earn a complete digit. The floating numbers in the game are difficult to find. And you also, should not change the score in floating numbers.

Features of Game Killer APK

Game Killer is an outstanding application to get your desired numbers or scores on the screen. If you are a newbie and does not know how to play the game, still you want to surprise your friends, you need to download the Game killer application. Change the number to your desired digit, and earn cash coins and much more in the row.

One more thing, you need to root your Android phone, before going further in the application. Download Kingroot Apk or 360 Root to get your phone rooted. You cannot use Game Killer without getting root permission.

  • Most of the Android games are based on stages or levels. And one cannot get those stages unlocked without of spending coins and cash. You get Game Killer, install it and get coins, or cash to enjoy the freedom of the game without of paying anything.
  • Once you launch the application, the icon remains open. And whatever game you play, it gathers the data in the memory. And it edits the game details accordingly you want
  • Just search the number and change any game score to your favorite digit
  • Unlock the premium features of the  game
  • Get your favorite vehicle
  • You can get unlimited lives, can increase or decrease game’s speed and much more

One more thing you should remember. Game Killer is not for hacking the game to install them on your phone. You need to download KKGamer to get premium games on your phone.

So, you can download Game Killer APK from the given download link. Just get the application, and follow the instructions to make the app works fine.

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