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By | 16th October 2017

Download Grand Ghost Liker:

If you are willing to get a lot of Likes, comments, and shares on your profile, image or status. Then you should necessarily try this new Auto Liker. Just tap the download button below and get the Grand Ghost Liker file from the above link. Most of the guys, who download the application from our website, use to ask me, why to download these APK files from the website. Auto Liker application mostly does not available on Google Play Store. You have to have them from the third party source.

Grand Ghost Liker APK

How to install Grand Ghost Liker APK?

So, you would be wondering how one can install the app on an Android phone. As the auto Liker is the app, most of the user use it very first time. So, they think, it would be a different and entirely new process to install the application. Guys, there is no difference in installing the Grand Ghost Liker APK or 4Gram APK. Just follow the same step, as you have been following through installing the other files on your Android device.

But, there would be a difference of installing an application downloaded from the Google Play Store. And other from any website. As, Google Play store is launched by the Google, and they consider that Google Play Store should be the only platform for officially installing and downloading the apps. If you try to install the application, downloaded from other sources. Android would not allow this and will show the option of malicious or spam. So, the changes, which you should make, to install the application, tap on the setting, security setting, scroll down, and find Unknown sources button, check this button, and restart the mobile phone.

Now, hopefully, you would install the application, and now the second step is going to start, to use the application to get instant Likes, comments, and shares on the profiles, status or image.

How to use Grand Ghost Liker APK

The use of this Grand Ghost Liker APK also quite simple and straightforward. Even a kid will also get an impression of the profile, image or status.

The simple steps you need to follow, which I am going to narrate in next few lines.

  • First, you should make some changes to your profile, tap on the setting of the profile of Facebook, see the profile setting, either it is public and everyone can comment, like or share the profile, that would be great, if not then change the profile setting¬†public. In this way, you would get impressions on the profile pictures.
  • Now, log into your Facebook account using this app and provide Email id and password.
  • Log into the account, and provide the password, this application will not steal the password or personal data.
  • Hopefully, you will be logged into account, now you will see three different tabs, one for auto Likes, second for auto comments and third for auto shares
  • Pick one whatever you want, and submit the image or status, and put a number, you are desired to get on the profile picture, status or image
  • You will see the desired number of the amount has been added to the account within no time.
  • Plus, you should get only 200 Likes, comments and shares on account, if you will try to get more than this, Facebook might lock your account
  • If you want to get auto Likes, auto comments and auto shares on any other account, you can submit the URL of that id with image or status.

Features of Grand Ghost Liker APK

  1. You can have a huge amount of Auto Likes, auto shares and auto comments on your profile
  2. Also can get impressions on your business page, fan page or profiles
  3. Can boost your business by providing the huge amount of Likes on your business page
  4. No stealing of the data or password hacking involves in this
  5. You can get 200 Auto Likes, auto shares and comments on your profile
  6. Very safe and clean likes
  7. Genuine impression with spam free results
  8. User-friendly interface, have no need to watch tutorial on Youtube about how to use this Grand Ghost auto Like

If you do not get the desired result by using Grand Ghost app. There are other similar applications, King Liker application, Cyber Liker and Apental Calc which can provide you best likes on Facebook.

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