Himzi Facebook Auto Liker (Indonesian Liker) APK download

By | 9th January 2018

Download Himzi Facebook Auto Liker

Himzi Facebook auto Liker is very famous and most trusted Liker in Indonesia. And most of the guys who wanted to get free likes, use this auto Liker application. We are going to provide this Himzi Liker to you as well. This is one of the greatest application. You can get free Likes on images, status and Profile picture by using of this.

In one day one even can get up to 6000 auto Likes. Himzi Auto Liker application is developed by the Indonesian Developers and made it possible for all over the globe to use and get free likes. So, download Himzi Liker application, install it on your Android phone and start using it to get limitless auto Likes on Facebook.

Get up to 6000 Auto Likes using Himzi Auto Liker APK

As I mentioned Himzi Auto Liker application is developed by the Indonesian Developers And made it available all over the globe for the people to get it and use. As most of the time, when we do not get expected likes on Facebook, we get broken. And that is the real story behind this application. Those people who do not get much appreciation on Facebook now would be able to get and show off to their friends.

In one day, one can get up to thousands of the likes on Facebook. And I myself had used this application and found it very interesting. You also should get it, tap the download button and have it on your Android phone. This application does not for the iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Only Android users would be able to use it to get free likes on Facebook.

Install it on Android phone.

Install Himzi Facebook Auto Liker on your Android phone You might get some error while installing the app with the default setting. So, please before installing it, make some changes in the installation setting.

  • Go to the setting of the device
  • Tap on the security setting
  • Scroll down a little
  • Check the unknown sources button

Now, when you have installed Himzi Auto Liker application on your phone. Tap on it and launch it on the phone

Log into Your account using Himzi Auto Liker application

Now, log into your Facebook account to get free Likes, the image like profile likes and much more. Though, you need to explore the application yourself. But, I am going to tell you the very basics. When you will log into the account, you need to accept the terms and conditions. Right after that, this will show you to create the token, and you should create that token.

Paste the token on the given area, and tap on the submit button.

You will be directed to a new page. Where you would see different options. Like, image Likes, profile likes, Custom ID Likes, and like that. You need to tap into anyone what you want to get. And also provide the type of the impressions. For example, you can choose the type of impressions by seeing this image.

Himzi auto Liker application

Select the type of the impression what you want to get by using Himzi Auto Liker application.

This is the example of the type of the impressions what you can get by using this Himzi Facebook Auto Liker application.

You can submit the next request after the 15 minutes of the first request. And in the same way, you can get 250 plus Likes. There is no limit of submission of the requests.

Features of Himzi Facebook Auto Liker APK

Himzi is very famous auto Liker application in Indonesia. And now the entire world getting the advantage of this application. You also can get, just download this on your Android phone, and install.

  • Get up to 6000 auto Likes using Himzi Auto Liker
  • Get the geo-target auto likes
  • Can get auto Likes from the Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, and India
  • In one submission get 350 likes
  • After 15 minutes of the first submission get more likes
  • Next time, you are not required to provide the Email ID and password, it will remember you
  • Very Light in the size as well
  • You will get no special permission to get the app installed
  • Very friendly user interface
  • Clean navigation
  • And at the end Free of cost

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