How to Flash a Smartphone following simple steps

By | 26th September 2017

Flashing of a smartphone is considered as one of the most difficult works to do. If you are wondering about flashing of your smartphone, and you do not know how to perform it. You easily can do it by following this post. Though, flashing of a phone is a very serious thing. And one should take it seriously, any wrong step can lead you to a dead end.

The wrong steps can be, ending the battery while flashing, removing the USB cable, installing the wrong firmware files, installing the unofficial firmware files. You should always be careful while flashing the either with stock firmware or custom firmware. Maybe you do not know the meaning of flashing, custom ROM, Stock ROM, etc. You should come to know which firmware you want to install. Either you want to install the official Firmware Custom Files. Or you want to install modified firmware files (Stock ROM). For installing modified flashing files, you need to choose a trusted source.

What is meant by Flashing of a smartphone?

Yes, in starting when I got no smartphone, my friends chat around about flashing, rebooting, booting, rooting and flashing. And I never understood the real meaning of these. Later on, I started learning the meaning of the process, and advantages/disadvantages of these terms. But, still unaware of the real meaning and hidden purpose of these processes.

You should know that there is an OS (operating system)  installed in mobile phones, the OS can be different but the purpose of each operating system is to communicate hardware according to the written codes. The combination of hardware and software make a device. So, the soul which is controlling the entire processes is OS, and hardware is that which is doing all the work actually.

Like in a computer, we install Windows for making hardware to work, without of that OS, the hardware is useless, it cannot do anything.

I think you would have understood what I am trying to explain. So, we come to our topic about flashing of the phone.

The difference between Stock And Custom ROM:

Flashing of a smartphone is like installing an updated version of the same. Installing the officially developed Firmware is called Stock ROM. In this way, you get the official files and update the firmware to the higher version of the Firmware files.

In custom ROM, you get the flashing files, not from the official source. And third-person designed and add something to do some changes. And you like that flashing files or change. You get those flashing files and install it on your Android device. Remeber, custom ROM can harm your Android device. So, chose carefully when it comes to installing Custom ROM.

Now, what is that ROM, this is the phone storage in your smartphone where your OS insalls. And changes to that Operating System can lead you to a malicious phone. But, there are ways by following which you can flash your phone.

So, flashing means installing new OS, on your phone for the betterment of the phone or to use the new features. The stock ROM is released by officials of the company, but custom ROM is developed by-the singles, which tries hard to create easiness for the people. So, you should download and install the official firmware or those firmware files which already have made a good name or brand.

How to Flash a smartphone?

Now, you would have gotten the idea behind flashing of the phone, and custom or stock ROM. Our next step is to elaborate the process of flashing of a smartphone.

You should remember:

  1. Charge your battery full, or minimum 40 percent before flashing of the phone, otherwise, your phone can be a bricked phone. Because your phone will be turned off and the process of installing new OS will be terminated.
  2. Always install the USB drivers before flashing or connecting your phone to a computer. For MediaTek devices, you should download MediaTek Vcom USB drivers, for any other devices, you should search for the related USB drivers.
  3. Download Android Fastboot flashing tool. You can find the link to download it.

Now, your task is to download the official firmware files related to your device. As I said if you are using MediaTek devices. Then download the scatter firmware files for the MediaTek devices. The files which actually flash your phone, or update the OS of your phone.

Download those files, on the internet you can find the flashing files of every smartphone and android phone. Your search for those files, download and unzip the files to your desktop.

Download custom ROM or Stock ROM, it is your choice.

  • Now, you got the flashing tool.Before installing it, do not forget to install the related USB drivers, if you already download the USB driver, then go ahead skip the step.
  • Your computer screen will look like that As mentioned in the image below.

How to flash a smartphone step by step guide

  • Now, After installing, you need to launch it.
  • Now tap on the scatter loading files tab on the given screen.
  • This screen will browse you to the place where you have downloaded and extracted the flashing files. Search for the scatter files in the given folder and press the download button again after uploading these files.
  • The flashing process will start, now you need to connect your phone to the computer or tool. Do not forget that your phone should be turned off or it would be good to remove the battery from your phone. press the volume down button and home button, so that the computer connect the phone to the flash tool.
  • Once the flashing complete. You will see a green ring there, congratulations, you have successfully installed Stock ROM on your MediaTek device.

This was the process to flash a smartphone, I tried my best to elaborate each and every step, if you are not understanding any step, you can comment down in the section.

The flashing of a smartphone, it was for the MediaTek Devices, as I said in the above portion of the post, there might be somehow different steps for flashing of a different smartphone or brand.

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