How to root an Android phone without a computer

By | 19th October 2017

Rooting an Android phone is very interesting if you know how to perform it. Especially, it becomes much more interesting when you come to know, about editing the built-in application or removing the unnecessary files. Rooting is a process by which you remove the security layers of your Android phone. In this way, you edit the operating system codes. There is no need of technical knowledge to do this, just right choice of the app can do it simply. But, it becomes harder and difficult when you come to know there is a computer required. No, not at all. The app which I have provided you with does not require any computer. You just read about Root first, and then root the phone carefully.

What is root or rooting for a mobile phone?

The root of an Android phone “Having authority to edit the code of your Android phone”. In Linux, you got the choice to edit the operating system accordingly your choice. You can edit anything you want. In Android phone, there is a limitation, one cannot edit or remove the built-in application. You only can install your desired application, and sometimes, Android block those apps as well. Like, Titanium Backup application, you cannot install this without of having any root access. So, rooting is “Breaking the security imposed by developer”. You breach the security of your device and let them allows to install any application.

By rooting the Android phone, one easily can remove anything. Like built-in application, remove the clock, remove SMS application, Add any SMS application. Increase the battery life of your phone, by removing the unnecessary application, and much more.

There are dozens of benefits of having a phone rooted. There are disadvantages as well. Like, you void the software warranty of the device. You cannot claim your phone’ software after getting the root done. Though there are apps which can unroot the device, some devices just do not work.

How to root an Android phone without a computer?

There are hundreds of application in the market to get a phone rooted. But, very few of them can provide the right thing for the right device. Before rooting your phone, you need to read the review of an application, what you are going to use for rooting. Plus, before rooting backup of your data, as anything can happen. And get your phone fully charged, plus a smooth internet connection is also required.

  • Download the application what I have provided you with, Kingroot is the best rooting application. This application can root almost any Android phone. Though, Towelroot also has been using to root the Android devices. But, that app does not work for All Android version. And that is in Chinese Language, difficult to handle.
  • download KingRoot APK.
  • Install the app on your Android device simply
  • Allow all the permission what needed.
  • This app while installing give you some notification about the risk of having a rooted phone.
  • Ignore all that messages, as you already know about rooting
  • And if installation blocked, you should check the installation setting
  • You should enable the unknown source option

This will not take much of your time:

Proper rooting of an Android device will not take much of your time. Within 10-15 minutes you will get a rooted phone. But, if the rooting process had stopped and the phone stuck at the Logo, you should cancel all the stuff and repeat the process again. As, most of the time, the app just does not work on an Android phone. To fix that issue, you should try other rooting application, Towelroot, Easy rooting toolkit, Baidu Easy root are also uploaded in here.

Pros and Cons of Rooting

When you get to access the root of the phone, there are some positive and some negative uses of that root. I am going to elaborate all of them, you can have an idea after that, either you want to root the mobile phone or not.

Pros of Root: 

Guys, when you have rooted your mobile phone, you can do whatever you want to do. I truly believe on this, you can do whatever you want to do

  • Nowadays, there are tons of apps available on Google Play store, which allows you to install on your mobile phone only after you get root access to the phone. Those applications only work on your mobile phone if you got superuser permission on your mobile phone.
  • One even does not have an idea, what you can do, and where you can go after rooting of a mobile phone. Either you talk about the automation of your mobile phone, or you want to increase the battery life of your mobile phone, or you want to remove the built-in application which comes with the operating system or phone. But you do not like those applications and functions. You easily can remove those built-in applications from your mobile phone by just editing the code.
  • You can overclock your processor, underclock your processor.  Can increase the sleep time of your phone, can change the message system of the phone. Change the layout of the entire screen, can get access to the premium features of the phone.
  • Simply you can make your phone high-end or want to make it save the battery on the phone. Or you want to more internal storage of the phone. You can remove the extra built-in application on your phone to get more space on the phone.
  • When you root your mobile phone, you can change the original software. For example, if you own a Samsung mobile phone, you know the Samsung phone got some useless features. Which kills your battery and performance by doing nothing.So, when you get the root access, you can remove those useless features and can free up your internal storage.
  • If you got a phone, which got internal storage very low, and when you try to install any application or game on it, it always shows a low memory. You can remove some features on that phone and can install those applications and games.
  • You can install custom ROM on your Android phone by getting root access. Guys, when you use your phone, you are definitely using Android, but every brand which installs Android, make the android features hidden under their own type of functions and layers. So, you do not have any access to the original Android. By getting the Root access, you would be using the Original Android developed by the Google. And custom ROM gots plenty of other features, which is difficult to elaborate here. You can have custom ROM on your phone and can get access to those features which are blocked or not used by the Android until now.

Cons of Root:

Now, we are going to narrate some of the negative points of rooting.

  • First, when you root your mobile phone, you lose the warranty of the mobile phone. The big fishes like Samsung, Huawei do not provide their services when you root the phone with custom ROM. But, some local brands still provide the services under the warranty span.
  • When you got the complete control over the phone, you are not a developer, you do not know the loopholes on your mobile phone. So, any hacker or stealer would enter into your phone via malicious code and can get control of your device. You have already breached the security, so Android would not like to help you.
  • While rooting a mobile phone, if you do a little mistake while following the steps. You can get a bricked phone at the end. You would be able to look at your phone with teary eyes but do nothing. Though there is some procedure which needs to follow when you get your phone bricked. For a common man, it would be hard to counter such things.
  • I am not saying that you will get a bricked phone even after following every inch of described procedure. Sometimes, newbies want to do stuff in hasty manners. Skips some steps, that is the reason they ended it there.
  • The official updates will not install on your Android device. Though one can install these updates manually, but will not install like in other phones.


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