Jurassic android tool v6.0 download for Windows

By | 11th October 2017

Download Jurassic Android Tool:

You can download the latest version of Jurassic Android tool V6.0 on your computer. Just hit the download button and get the file on your computer. Install the tool on your computer, and fix the issues related to your mobile phone. There is no need of worry about any problem.

Jurassic Android Tool is an application which can fix any issue on your Android phone. You can download it on your Windows computer and can install it to connect your Android phone a bricked phone to fix it. Anyhow, if you do not know how to fix the issues on your mobile phone. And what are the issues which can be fixed via Jurassic Android tool v6.0? We are going to tell you each and every step in brief. Stick in here and do not rush around to download the tool, first read the entire post.

How to install Jurassic Android tool?

As you have downloaded the tool, now it turns to install it on your computer. First, you should check either you have downloaded and install the concerned USB driver or not. If not, then you can check USB driver. And download it on your computer to connect your mobile phone to the computer.

Now open the downloaded folder, find the setup file from there. The folder will be in zip format, you need to unzip it to your desktop and double-click the folder to start the installation. Follow the instruction to install the Jurassic Android tool on your computer. When you will install the tool, there will be a finish option. After that restart your computer once and then connect your bricked phone to that tool.

Now, if have successfully installed the tool. Connect your mobile phone to this tool, using a USB cable, it would be ideal if you use a genuine USB cable. Connect one end of the cable with the Mobile phone and another one to the computer. If you are trying to flash your phone using this tool, then remove the battery from the phone before connecting it. If you are trying to use the other features of this tool, then remain the batter in and connect the phone with the tool.

How to use Jurassic Universal Android Tool

As I mentioned, it depends upon the use of the tool, if you are trying to flash the phone to the custom files or stock ROM. You should remove the battery off and then connect it to the tool. If you are trying to backup the data, remain the battery on and then use this tool. You can use the following features to fix issues on your mobile phone.

So, connect the device with this tool. When the device or bricked phone will be connected to the tool, it will show a screen like this. You need to select the option, if you are trying to remove to lock the screen, tap on screen lock remover if you want to know the device info tap on device info like that.

Jurassic Android Universal tool

This tool can help you in various issues:

Check Info on the device: By using this tool, you can get the basic info on your phone, just tap the button.

Check Root: You can root your device to get the root access to the phone. Just click on the root button, and also can check either your mobile phone has rooted successfully or not

Reboot and custom Recovery: Reboot your device several times. and get the custom recovery of the phone with the option. But make sure to create a backup of the file before using this option.

Bootloader Issues: If you are getting any bootloader Issue on your phone. Get rid of by using Jurassic UniAndroid tool latest version.

Reset pin or remove the pattern. You can remove the forgotten lock of the screen or Pin lock with just one tap of the finger. no need to install the firmware files to install a new software on your phone, to lose every data in just getting rid of the lock phone or lock pin.

Read Pin or Read Pattern. This is the second option after resetting the pin or pattern. In this case, you can read that pattern or pin, more suffocated and nice option it would be in my opinion

Wipe Data. You can have this option if you are trying to wipe all the data of your phone. Remove all the saved application or phone storage with a single click

Wipe History. One more great option, no history will be there, all the history will be deleted with just one tap of the finger. You will have a fresh piece of electronics, having no more memory.

Read Gmail ID. You can read the Gmail id of the phone, which he has on the phone with logged in Email

Remove Gmail ID. Remove the Gmail id with just one tap of the finger, no issue, no more problems

Remove FRP lock. You can remove the FRP lock on the phone. With just one tap, and nothing will be there, have no need to pay to the service providers.

Phone Lock OR Sim Lock. Remove the phone lock or SIM lock on your phone. Even can remove the region or country Lock very wonderful tool with very good options.

Memory Tab of Jurassic Android Universal Tool

You can have different tabs for each and every little problem with your phone. I can explain each tool, by using this the post will go lengthy more.

You can have Memory tab, which will do different memory option of your phone. Like reading the memory of the phone, reading the CPU info on the phone. Reding module info and read battery info on the phone.

In Music tab you can get a backup option like SD card backup, camera files backup. Installed application backup, or Installing firmware or flashing of the phone, IMEI editing tools etc.

In application tab, you can have applications and games installer using this you can install applications and games

Features of Jurassic Android tool:

Most of the features I have discussed above in the post, But I think it would be ideal to describe the key features of this tool. The key features of this tool would be

  • Installing applications and games at one time, you can tap on apps and games tab, and install lots of applications and games on your mobile phone
  • Backup of the data is another good and informative tool. You can have this, and back up the data you have on your phone. You can tap on backup of the data and can get a file ready for that backup, save that file and restore when it needed.
  • Flashing tool, in my opinion, would be ideal to describe. as flashing of the files with the custom ROM or stock ROM is a definite thing. You can flash your phone read how to flash a mobile phone
  • Reading basic info of the phone is a good thing to use. As a beginner we do not know the processor, RAM, Hardware and other info, you can get all these at one place
  • IMEI edit tool will be helpful in editing the IMEI of the phone
  • Restore all the data which you have deleted either accidentally or not knowing. All the deleted files will be on your access. You will get each and every file in the proper format, music files will be restored in the music folder, and photos will come into image folder, and videos will be recovered in video folder
  • You can get your APK files saved in separate folders
  • Can arrange and rearrange the data in proper formats

So, we can hope you will like this tool. As the tool can help in many issues related to Android phones. So, if you have any more question, please comment down in the section.

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