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By | 17th November 2017

KD Liker APK:


Download KD Liker APK from the above-given download button. Tap on the download link and get the file in APK format. Install the application on your phone. And start getting free targeted Likes on Facebook. By using this application one easily can collect thousands of Likes in one day.

Facebook has become the world’s leading social media platform. And all the other networks have gone from time to time. Like you would have seen the rise of Twitter, now this platform is struggling hard to make it online, even they are trying hard to launch some of the stuff which can engage the users. That is not the point what we were going to discuss. We are here to talk about the Facebook auto Liker, the form of the impression which provided by the third party without of paying any money to the service provider.

At this landed page, you can download KD Liker APK, which is the best in my opinion in providing Auto Likes. Just download this application from the link. Install it on your mobile phone, Android phone and start getting auto Likes, auto Comments, and auto shares.           

You have been using some other auto Liker, like King Liker APK, HD Liker, 4gram APK, Aqua Liker APK and Cyber Liker, but believe me, this KD Liker app is close to my heart.

How to install KD Liker app?

KD Liker is the best among all auto liker, that thing can lead you to use this. As you are hunting down in search of the application which can enhance your online representation. And no one will be better than this app. Tap the button to get the download link and download it on your mobile phone

Step 1: 

  • Tap the download button here which we have provided you, and download the setup file.
  • Now, if the file is in zip, unzip it and double tap on the setup file, and allow the installation.
  • If you have not changed any security setting then follow me to install this auto Liker

Change the Android phone setting to install this Kd Liker

  1. Tap on the setting of the Android device or tablet
  2. See the security setting
  3. Scroll down and find Unknown sources button
  4. Check the Unknown sources button
  5. Restart the mobile phone once
KD Liker apk download

Do the same, As described in the image, first security, second, unknown sources and third ok

Now, hope you will get the smooth installation of the KD Liker on your phone.

Step 2:

Change the Facebook profile setting

To get the auto Likes on Facebook, one is required to change the Facebook setting. To get free impressions, you cannot have this setting personal setting. Follow me to change the setting

  • Facebook profile follower setting should be public, anyone could follow you
  • Facebook contact setting also should be public, anyone can contact you, message you and follow you
  • Timeline and tagging should be anyone

Now, you will be ready to get a free and immense amount of auto Impressions on your Facebook profile.

Step 3

Get Free auto Likes using KD Liker

You have reached towards the genuine thing, to get free impressions on Facebook profile.

Tap on the KD Liker icon on your home screen, and launch this application. Provide the Email ID and password, do not hesitate to put the ID and password. No one is going to get and save the password, these are personal and hidden things.

You will see auto Likes, auto Comments, and share button, tap on one accordingly your choice and provide the image as well. You can put the custom URL if you are willing to get impressions on some others ID, put the URL of that images, and provide the number of impressions as well. Within no time, the Free Facebook impressions will be added to your account, hope you will get the same I do.

Features of KD Liker APP

You can get free likes on your status, picture, Fan pages and business pages by using this KD Liker App by installing it on your Android phone.

  • Free impressions, no spam of the account, no posting of links on your behalf
  • Neat and simple interface, easy to go through every corner of the screen
  • Simple to use, tap on the auto Like button and get impressions on account
  • No ads to pop-up
  • Free of cost
  • instant impressions, get auto Likes to the amount of 200, do not exceed the limit, otherwise, Facebook will ban your account

Download KD Liker from the above download link. This is known and most used auto Liker. I myself use to use this app to get Free Likes on Facebook. Hope you would get the app right the way I get it.

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