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By | 1st November 2017

Download King Liker App:

Download King Liker App latest version on your Android phone. Just hit the download button, and install the most famous Auto Liker Application in the market. Install the app carefully, and get thousands of free Likes on Facebook and other social media websites.

King Liker App is one of the famous and broadly used auto Liker application, which gives you instant auto Likes, auto comments and auto shares on Facebook. If you are finding a nice auto Liker, a genuine one, a trustworthy application to boost your online presence or enhance your social media experience, then must use King Liker APK.

How to use King Liker to get Auto Likes?

You can easily get lots of impressions on your profile by using the simple methods which I am going to mention in this post. As, you know there are lots of tools online which claim to provide clean auto likes on Facebook, but most of them are fake or spam.

You should be careful and cautious while using any of such auto Liker, but King Liker App has its own recognition and popularity. You can trust on this application, you can search on internet about this auto Liker, and can gather information before using it.

So, first, you should download this Kingliker APP from the link above. And install it on your mobile phone. Installing the application, downloaded from the third party source is quite hectic. And a new user will never understand the story behind this. You should make some changes before installing this APK, tap on setting> tap on security setting > and check unknown sources button.

Now, you would get a clean and error-free installation, hope you would enable the unknown sources option in your mobile phone device.

Lunch the app Simply:

Now, when you have installed King Liker App on your mobile phone. Launch the application, after restarting your mobile phone once. When you will launch the application, it will ask you to give the details of Facebook ID and password. Provide the same and login to your account using King Liker application.

Right after the logging into the account, you would get three tabs there, one for the auto likes, second for the auto comments and like this third one for the auto shares. You select which tab you want to press following to get impressions on your profile.

After the pressing one tab, it will ask you to give that image or status on which you want to get that impression. If you want to get auto impressions on your other Facebook profile or picture. Copy the URL of that profile or picture and paste it here, or select the picture or status to get an impression, and also put the amount as well.

Features of King Liker App

As you know there is a huge number of auto Liker on the market. And most of them claim to be the top and clean auto liker. And a long list of features has been described out there. But, what has been described here or write down got true meaning, and after using this King Liker APP you would find it the genuine application. These are some most used and top-rated features of this auto Liker.

  • Free auto likes, have no spam, no stealing of the data or revealing the privacy involved
  • User-friendly interface can get auto Likes if you have never used any of the auto Liker before
  • Can get a huge amount of auto Likes, got no limit for a day
  • But be controlled and in one time get only 200 auto Likes, auto comments, and auto Shares
  • Can get auto Likes on Fan page, Facebook page, business page and Facebook profile
  • You even can get auto Like for some other profile
  • Can set the numbers easily for your profile to get amount of impressions

Must Remember

If you are following all the steps and still not getting any impressions, then you might not have changed the security of your Facebook profile.

  • To get tons of free impressions on Facebook, you are required to have some changed Profile setting on which everyone can comment, like or share your profile or can follow you on Facebook.
  • So, you should change the timeline tagging to the public, following to public and anyone on the Facebook can contact you on your Facebook setting.
  • Now, try to get Auto Likes, using KingLiker App and get a huge amount of impressions.

There are other Auto Liker application in the market. Equally Famous with King Liker, like Cyber Liker application, ZFN Liker App, HD Liker and much more. If you see, the app does not work fine for you, have another app from the auto Liker category.

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