Lenovo a7000 PC Suite Download for Windows

By | 12th October 2017

Download Lenovo PC Suite:

You can download Lenovo A7000 PC Suite for your computer. This PC Suite will help you in communicating with your phone by using your computer. Install the PC Suite safely on your computer. And share data, Flashing files and even get the phone rooted.

If you got a Lenovo smartphone, latest released, installed Android Lollypop version with 8MP rare camera. And finding Lenovo A7000 PC Suite to communicate with your phone in a better way. Then you have reached the right place. Because, in our post, we guide you about the use of the applications, tools, auto Likers, flashing files and much more.

How to install Lenovo PC Suite and connect computer?

After downloading the PC Suite from our website. Next step is to install this PC Suite on your personal computer, it would be difficult to install if you had never installed any files on your computer. But, follow the lines, in which I am going to tell you about installing it on your computer.

First, double-click the Lenovo A7000 PC Suite which will be in your download folder. Follow the instruction which described in the installation process windows. You should accept the policies and regulations of the provider, and finish the setup according to the guidelines.

Now, if you have successfully installed the PC Suite. It turns to connect your mobile phone to that PC Suite. If you have not enabled the USB debugging on your Lenovo A7000 mobile phone. Then enable it. Tap on the setting of the device, tap on the developer option and enable the USB debugging on the device. Restart it before connecting it to your computer, in which you have installed the Lenovo A7000 PC Suite.

Now, if you will connect the phone to the PC Suite, you PC Suite will show the screen. In which your mobile phone will be displayed. By following the screen, you can see the basic info of the phone, hardware info of the phone, display, RAM, phone storage, Android version of the phone and much more information like this.

Features of Lenovo PC Suite:

There are dozens of the features which got worth to mention it in this post. But, writing all of them would make the post lengthy. So, I decided to narrate a very few of them, top rated, most used and handy.

  • Share the data from your mobile phone to the computer and vice versa
  • ¬†Share audio files, video files, contacts, alarms, calendar, emails and much more with the tap of the finger
  • Ise the cloud service to synchronize the data, can save the data to your cloud storage on Google driver, Dropbox, Media Fire and much more.
  • Arrange/rearrange the folders and files
  • Can make proper folders, and put the data in that folders
  • Synchronize the data, alarms, contacts, emails, browsers, browsing habits, bookmarks
  • Backup the device, even the entire mobile phone
  • Can backup the mobile phone applications, SMS, Call logs, contacts, videos, audios, folders, documents and much more like this.
  • Use the Lenovo a7000 pc suite to share the internet connection to your computer
  • Install lots of applications, games, os updates
  • Can install the official firmware files, custom files, and stock files
  • Can remove the locks on the phone
  • Send messages, and call your phone contacts using the¬†Lenovo a7000 pc suite


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