Nokia Data Package Manager Latest version download

By | 12th October 2017

Download Nokia Data Package Manager:

You can download the Nokia data package manager from the given download link. Just hit the download button above and get the file in your computer. Install the app on your computer, and find the right flashing files for Nokia Phone. The app also can install flashing files others than Nokia phones.

If you are a user of Nokia mobile phone and finding the official Firmware files for your Nokia phone, then you should download Nokia Data Package Manager, from the link below. This will help you in finding the official Firmware files for your mobile phone brand. Plus will help you in downloading and be flashing of those firmware files. Note, you only can download and install the official stock ROM or stock firmware files of Nokia mobile phone. Not custom files will be able to download from using this tool.

How to install Nokia Data Package Manager?

As you have downloaded the tool on your computer, and waiting to install this on your computer, but found no way to install it, as you have not used this kind of tools before. So, glued in here, we are going to tell you entire process here.

First, you should download the USB driver for your Nokia mobile phone. If you have not installed the drivers, download Nokia USB Driver on your computer

Now, you should find where you have downloaded this Nokia data package manager file. If it is in zipped form, unzip it, and double-click the setup file. Allow the installation, agree to the terms and conditions. And when it will be finished to install, restart your computer once.

Now, take the phone, what you want to flash, pick a data cable, it would be ideal to have a genuine one. Insert that data cable to your mobile phone one side, and others side with the computer. Note, you should enable the USB debugging on your mobile phone. To enable the USB debugging, go to the setting > developer option >enable USB debugging.

Launch the Nokia data package Manager on your computer screen. And connect the mobile phone to you to that Nokia data package manager. It will pop-up to the screen, to show your phone has been connected to the computer. You can show the basic information on the phone to that screen. The hardware info, software info, phone storage, memory card storage etc.

How to flash Nokia mobile phone with Stock ROM?

  • Now, the last step of flashing the phone using Nokia data package manager has reached. You have connected your phone to the tool, and it got a connection. You will see a screen like this, see the image below.

Nokia data package manager

  • The first red arrow, red on left-hand side showing the screen where you need to search mobile phone brand. If you are using XYZ mobile phone of Nokia, search it here, and it will show on the database of the Nokia Data Package manager. It the phone is not going to search, and not showing any below result. You should restart the tool again, and turn off the anti-virus software on the phone.
  • If you have found the mobile phone, now, you need to select the firmware version of the phone. What I have shown on the second arrow, after selecting firmware version of the phone click to download the Official firmware files
  • You will start downloading the official firmware files on your mobile phone of Nokia. Take care that, do not try to play with your mobile phone, as it is downloading the firmware files or changing the Operating system of the phone. Any interruption in installing the files will make your phone bricked, and will have to install and download the files all over again.
  • Within some minutes, your mobile phone will finish the downloading of the Nokia flash files. Now, it will turn to show you the Logo on the phone, see the logo and it will give you a new piece of machine with fresh software. All the bugs, bootloader, hanging out, and slowing down the problem of the phone will be fixed.

Features of Nokia Data Package Manager software

Hope you will have installed the official firmware files of your Nokia mobile phone. And you can have lots of the features available on this Nokia Data Package manager, hope you will like this also.

  1. You can install the official firmware files of Nokia mobile phone
  2. Do not worry about the version of the mobile phone you are using, the database of the Nokia Data package manager is huge, it will definitely hold the official files of your mobile phone brand as well, just search again, if do not find the result
  3. Will give you smooth and error-free installation of the flashing files
  4. User-friendly interface
  5. Free of cost, have no need to pay any amount of money
  6. Download it, on your desktop computer, no worries about the version of the Windows you are using just download and install

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