Nokia Lumia 530 PC Suite Download

By | 13th October 2017

Download Nokia Lumia PC Suite:

If you have a Nokia Lumia 530 mobile phone but do not know how to connect this mobile phone to the computer. For communication, then you have reached the right place. From this landed page, you can download Nokia PC Suite, which will help you to connect your mobile phone to the Windows computer.

Though, there are built-in features in Windows mobile phone which helps it to recognize and communicate with the external storages. That connection and communication will be limited to data sending and be receiving. All features and other cools features will not be explored using this way of communication. So, must download the latest released  PC Suite from the given link, the link already has been updated, tap the download button and get the file.


Nokia Lumia 530 PC suite

             You can see the smart looked phone with installed Windows 8.1

How to install Nokia Lumia 530 pc suite?

As you would have downloaded the pc suite which I have given you. So, now we are going to install the application on our computer. As you know, PC Suite is an application software which gives you access to your mobile phone data while connecting the phone to the PC. You can control all the features of the phone by that connection. Even made calls and send SMS using that PC Suite. You can download other brands PC suite as well from our website.

If you have downloaded the pc suite, double-click the downloaded file.Follow the instructions given at there, to install the application. Within some moments your application will be installed on the computer. By connecting the Mobile phone to the computer you can communicate with the phone for the better use of the computer.

Before connecting your phone, make sure to enable the USB debugging on your phone. Without of that option enabled, your phone will go unrecognized by the computer. So, do it by going in the setting of the phone, developer option and enable the USB debugging on the phone.

Now, if you have successfully installed the Nokia Lumia 530 PC Suite we want to move towards the next step of our article, which will tell you the different features and use of that pc suite.

Features of Nokia Lumia 530 PC suite

Nokia has become one of the leading brands by releasing the Nokia 5 mobile phone. The attraction of that phone is not hidden, everyone is talking about the new phone. The PC Suite which we are giving to you will help you even to connect the Nokia 5 mobile phone to the PC. So, these are some handy and most used features of the phone you can use.

  • Send and share files from one side of the data cable to the other side
  • Sending and receiving of the bigger and larger files will become easier and straightforward
  • With the tap of the fingers, all of your data will be on the other side of the USB cable connected the computer or mobile phone.
  • Even can connect any model of Nokia family with easily and abruptly
  • You can feel the salt of this pc suite by sending SMS using this and making calls by using the computer.
  • It will become easier and safer for you to control your mobile phone features
  • Can install lots of application in single time without of any error.
  • Install the OS updates, official updates and much more
  • Can create the backup of the phone, backup the call logs, backup the SMS to the phone. Backup the application data, backup the entire phone storage, backup the contacts. I would say backup is the most used and top-rated feature of the phones.
  • Send SMS by using the computer using the SMS package of your network
  • You can Sync your data, all the data which is on your mobile phone.
  •  Have all the setting, bookmarks, browsers, browsing history, habits, alarms, contacts, Emails. And directly send data to your clouds using these Nokia Lumia 530 PC suite.

Supported  Windows Version

You have no need to worry about the which version of Windows does support. All of the Windows version, either it is Old XP or latest Windows 10 supports this PC Suite. And without of any error, you can connect your mobile phone to this Windows version.t

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