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By | 17th October 2017

Download Octopus box driver:

You can download the latest version of Octopus Box driver. Install the driver on Windows computer, and connect your computer to the Box. This box helps you in flashing your Android phone, removing the locks on the phone, and Getting the basic info on the phone.

Octopus Box is a very interesting piece of software, which helps you to fetch and fix the issues which hurt your phone. So, you can have the Octopus Box driver which will help you in connecting the box with the computer in solving the issues rendering the phone of you. You can download the Driver from above link.

Next, in this article, I would like to narrate the entire process of using Octopus Box. And how one can use this box to fetch and fix the errors of the phone. And how one can install the Octopus Box Driver on Windows computer to communicate the box in a better way. So, stick in here and do not roam around and read the full post to gain the full knowledge of this Box.

What is Octopus Box?

Simple and straightforward question one can ask, what is that Octopus box. What are the uses of this box, and how one can use this box in removing the issues? In other words, you can say, a little piece of electronic, which is made to find the issue on your mobile phone and to install the latest OS on the phone.  Install the custom ROM on the phone or removing locks on the phone, removing FRP lock, removing phone sim Lock and much more Like this.

One can use this box by connecting it to the computer or Windows PC, but for using this box and communicating with it on a larger and greater scale one has to download the Octopus Box Driver, which will help the computer to connect it with the mobile phone and install the updates or firmware files.

How to install the Octopus Box setup on a computer?

Great question to ask, how you can install the Octopus box setup on your computer. The simple is that you can download the octopus Box from the official website of this. Simply download the file, and open the downloaded folder, simply find the setup file, and double-click on the file. Now, the file will start installing on your computer. Allow the installation, and give all the permission required to install the Octopus Box on your computer. Once you have installed the box, restart the computer and start using it.

Points to remember: If you have installed the Octopus Box and not installed the Octopus Box driver. Your computer will not recognize the mobile phone you are going to connect it. So, also download and install the Octopus Box Driver on your computer. The process will be the same, and follow the same procedure what you followed in installing the box.

Now, you would have installed the box and USB drivers as well, the third process is how to use this box to fix the issues of your mobile phone.

Start using Octopus Box

Now, when you have installed the box, the last step is to use this box to fix the issues of your mobile phone by connecting it to the phone. Just pick the phone you want to fix, the problem can be many, like installing the flashing files, installing updates, removing FRP lock of the phone, removing phone lock and much more.

  • Connect your phone to the box using a data cable
  • When you will connect the phone with the data cable, it will give a prompt about the device
  • Now, you have already launched the Box, so you can see the different features of the phone you just connected
  • You can fix any issue which you want to fix
  • Starting from installing the updates to installing the custom ROM or stock ROM on your phone.
  • Even can edit the IMEI of the phone or remove the FRP lock of the phone
  • Can tap any of the buttons to use the features

Features of Octopus Box driver:

There are all the features in this Octopus Box which should be in a box. Yous should read all the features in here and can get benefits of all the features available.

  1.  Can download the latest firmware files on your mobile phone just downloading and installing and connecting the mobile phone to the computer using Octopus Box Driver.
  2.  Fix any issue of your phone with a just simple tap of the finger
  3. You can recover the lost files of the phone, the recovery will be a detailed process, every file which will be recovered, make a folder with each file in separate folder with extension
  4.  Recover the lost messages, lost emails, and much more
  5. Backup of your device easily
  6. You can Remove The FRP lock of the phone
  7. One can remove the lock pattern of the phone
  8. Can read the phone info, device info, hardware and software info with simple tap of the fingers
  9. One can know the phone’s very basic info
  10. Fast recovery mode of the phone
  11. IMEI edit
  12. Simple Flashing of the phone and much more.

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