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By | 12th December 2017

If you have recently purchased Oppo a11w Joy mobile phone and want to connect your mobile phone to communicate with your personal computer, then you might be needed with the USB drivers, tap the download button below and download oppo a11w USB driver from the mentioned link and install directly on your computer. The File of Oppo USB driver which we are going to upload in here is not a setup file. You need to download the USB driver and directly upload to your computer by going to the device manager.

Download Oppo a11w USB driver

Oppo a11w USB driver

download Oppo a11w USB driver

How to install the driver on a computer?

As I have mentioned, in the download folder, we have given you a file, you need to directly upload the drivers on your computer. If you have installed Oppo a11w USB driver on your computer, but not the latest version, you should update the driver directly on your computer.

Go to the device manager to update the driver

  • Tap on your computer and click on properties
  • On the left side of the opened screen, you should select the device manager option
  • Where you need to go to the driver portion
  • And you could see the Oppo A11w mobile phone
  • Tap on the yellow spotted button
  • Right-click on it, and update from computer
  • Upload the downloaded USB driver on your computer
  • And give some minutes to install the Oppo A11w USB drivers to be installed on your computer
  • Restart your computer once to save the changes

You can download .exe files as well to install drivers

If you do not want to update the drivers by visiting the device manager portion, you can download the setup files from Oppo USB driver link. On this page, we already have given about all USB drivers of Oppo mobile phones. You need to search your USB driver and download

Hence, you will be able to install the USB driver manually, no updating which I have mentioned in the above lines. The installation of Oppo a11w USB driver will be like installing the common application software.

Now connect your Oppo a11w mobile to computer

Now, when you have installed the USB drivers on your computer. You can connect your Oppo mobile phone to the computer. Pick a data cable, connect one side of the OTG cable to the computer and the other side with the mobile phone. Hope you will get a smooth connection and will do what you have been searching for.

You can share your data by using that connection, can send the files, folder, images, music, videos and much more. If you try to send the files from computer to your mobile, without of having USB driver installed on the computer, you will not get a connection, and your mobile phone will not show on the computer.

Now, you even can share the same internet connection to your computer and mobile phone

Features of Oppo a11w USB driver

By downloading the Oppo A11w USB driver you can get the following benefits

  • You can connect your Oppo mobile phone without of any interference to your computer
  • Can share data, videos, audios, music, documents and much more
  • Can share the same internet connection to your mobile and laptop
  • Install the latest flash files on your mobile phone
  • Update the software of your mobile phone to the latest version
  • Install more than one application at one time
  • Manage all of your data
  • Sort out the files, which has become a mess on your mobile phone

Hope you will install the Oppo A11w mobile phone USB drivers on your computer, and install safely. If the download link is not working, please do comment in the comment section.




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