Oppo Neo 7 USB driver[latest] download for Windows

By | 12th December 2017

Download Oppo Neo 7 USB driver:


You have landed on this page in search for Oppo Neo 7 USB driver to download on the computer. You might have installed the old version of Oppo USB driver, which will not be working. Or you have not installed any USB driver yet and want to connect your Oppo Neo 7 Mobile phone to your personal computer or laptop. So, by downloading this USB driver you would connect your mobile phone to the computer and perform the task what you want to do with your computer or Laptop.

First, download the Oppo USB driver from the link mentioned, hope the download link is working fine, after downloading the USB driver, you need to extract the file. Where you will find the setup file, you need to find the setup file and double-click on that file.

Follow the instruction, and allow all the changes which are required to install the USB driver on your computer. Hope you will get the installation safely.

Now, restart your computer once, and all the changes will be saved and you will be able to connect your Oppo Neo 7 mobile phone with the computer, and can perform flashing of the oppo mobile phone, or rooting of the phone or can connect it the Oppo PC suite.

Update the USB driver directly from computer

To update the USB drivers directly from the computer, you need first connect your mobile phone to the computer. And go the device manager of the computer.

  • Now, you will see that your mobile phone is being shown on the computer
  • And your mobile phone will be showing the yellow dot like mentioned in the image
Oppo Neo 7 USB driver download

Yellow spot shows the missing of the concerned drivers, in your computer, Oppo 7 driver will be missing

  • Here in the image, you can see the Android with a yellow spot, and on your computer, there will be your Oppo Neo 7 mobile phone. And you need to right-click on that spot and tap on upload from computer option like mentioned in the image
Oppo Neo 7 USB driver download

tap on the update driver, and it will browse you through a new window, you need to browse where you have saved the downloaded drivers

  • Now, browse the USB drivers where you have saved the downloaded files
  • After making this update restart your computer, hope you will get connected to the computer

Connect your  Oppo phone to computer now

Now, when you have installed the USB driver on your computer, you can connect your computer or laptop to the mobile phone. Though MTP (media transfer protocol) can work for you, in Oppo mobile phones, this does not work. And you will be required to download Oppo Neo 7 USB drivers on your computer, before communicating with your phone.

Now, when you have installed Oppo USB driver, share the files on your mobile phone. And arrange/rearrange the folders and files on your mobile phone, and put the related files into the folders.

We already have given you the download link, you just tap the download button to get the file. If the link is not working, comment down in the section.


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