Pubiway Liker V1.3 APK download Latest for Android

By | 9th January 2018

Download Pubiway Liker APK

You can download Pubiway Liker APK latest version for Android mobile phone and tablet. This application will provide the likes, comments and shares on Facebook. This application gives the targeted impression and if you are free India, Bangladesh, this app can get many things for you.

Pubiway Liker APK is a great tool to get Indonesian, Bangladeshi, Thailand and International Likers. Though, getting targeted auto Liker is somehow difficult. But, this Auto Liker provides you the international as well as Regional Liker. By having this application, you would easily get thousands of the free impressions in one day. I have seen many auto Liker applications, like Apental Calc application, and other King Liker, 4gram Application. The interface provided by Pubiway Liker is somehow different and mind-blowing. Like, they had made some mind-blowing navigation and sorted out each segment to get free Likes.

Pubiway Liker provides Targeted Likes

As what I have seen, there are very few auto Liker applications, which can give the targeted Auto Likes. Otherwise, you get the international Likes, and one can easily find you had used some auto Liker applications. The solution provides by Pubiway Liker APK, is the best. And you can select the number of likes, profile likes, images likes, status likes, and followers. There is the great list which provides you to select in between.

The use of this application is very simple, What I found even an unknown person would get the likes from this application. What you need, just read what is written on the app, and start getting likes.

Change the installation setting:

Before starting of the auto Liker using this Pubiway Liker application, one needs to change the installation setting. The default installation might block you to install any application downloaded from the third party. And this, Pubiway Liker application, you are downloading from our servers. This will make little harder for you to install it. If you will change the installation, setting to unknown sources installation setting. You would not a problem in installing.

pubiway Liker APK

Install Pubiway Liker on Android phone

Log into your account- using the app. And provide your Email ID with Password.

You need to accept the terms and conditions, to log in your account. And you should agree to the terms and conditions, you will be headed to a new screen.

You can see the image where you will reach right after installing Pubiway Liker


pubiway Liker APK

Select one out of the four. If you want to get Indonesian Liker, Thai Liker or Bangladeshi Liker.

This is one of the great features of Pubiway Likers, and you should get the advantage of this by getting the targeted Likes of your regions. For the international users, the international or global tab is available. Tap on any of the ones out of four accordingly your requirements.

pubiway Liker APK

Chose one out of these four

Do you want to get Likes on your status, Photo, Album, Page or on Custom ID or Followers.

There is the list of all the services which one can get. And I can bet no other Auto Liker will give the variations like that.

pubiway Liker APK

pubiway Liker APK

Provide the numbers of auto Liker which you want to get

And also give the desired number of likes which you want to get on your images, status, or custom ID. And that number of likes will be delivered to you within fifteen minutes of the time.


pubiway Liker APK

If you have used this auto Liker services of Pubiway Liker one time. You can see what you have gained over here.

One more interesting features of this Liker, you can get the services of this, over ten times in one day. Like, this can give you thousands of impression, all genuine and free as well. So, must use the app at least once in your life.

Features of Pubiway Liker APK

As I explained, I do not think any other auto Liker can give you that variety of likes what Pubiway Liker provides. And most importantly, you can use the services ten times in one day.

  • Get the targeted Likes from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, India etc
  • In one submission, you can get 200 plus likes
  • In one day, you would get thousands of the likes in the way
  • Free Likes, trusted and no spam reports
  • Easy to use
  • Clean interface with mind-blowing navigations
  • Variety of the auto likes
  • You can get followers, custom ID Likes, comment, shares, image likes an status Likes

I think that is enough for an Auto Liker plus if you want to download this, you can have this from this page. We have made it possible to give you the download Link. Click on the download button, and the file will start downloading.

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