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By | 3rd March 2018

Download root checker pro

You can download the latest version of Root checker pro APK on your Android phone and tablet. Get this rooting checking application on your Android phone and tablet. And get to know either your mobile phone has been rooted successfully or not. Root checker does not provide the root permission of your files, nor modify the root access. But, it checks either or not your phone rooted.

Root checker pro simple fast and superb application to get to know about root access. Sometimes, when you root a mobile phone, one does not know either the process was successful. By using this application, you know either you have gotten the root permission. If you have installed the SuperUser application, root checker prompts these apps to give root access to some specific application.

How root checker pro APK works?

Root checker is the simple and fast working application. To provide the users either the phone was rooted successfully. One thing you should take in your mind, this is not the app to root your mobile phone. To get your phone rooted, you can download other application from rooting application category.

And the simple thing, to root the device you must get to know your mobile phone will void the software warranty. Sometimes, you do not know what can be the effects of rooting, and you get a phone rooted. And get the phone bricked.

As nowadays rooting is not that popular. Because Android itself providing the freedom to install almost any applications. Still, there are apps which need root permission. Or Android has just blocked them not to be installed on their platform.

By using this app you will come to know either root permission has been using on the right way for your Android mobile phone. Root checker Pro tests your device using the simple and reliable method. This application has gotten the trust of almost ten million people.

  • After rooting your Android mobile phone or tablet.
  • Download Root checker APK from the given download link
  • Install it on your Android device, after enabling super user option
  • And launch it
  • Within few minutes, it will start gathering data and tell you either you have rooted the phone
  • If you have not rooted your phone, it suggests you the apps to get the phone rooted.
  • And if Super User option is not enabled on your phone, it prompts and enables it
  • It also helps you in managing the root permission

After getting the phone rooted, one should at least check the root. As it certifies the root permission or root access.

Root Checker Pro features

Root checker is the simple and easy to go application to test the root of your phone. By using this application, one get to know either your phone rooted successfully or not. You will get no better application than this, to check the root files of your phone.

  • It allows you to check the root permission of your device
  • Enables the binary codes on your phone to manage the root access
  • If the device is not rooted, it denies
  • Devic is rooted, it gives you suggestion to better handle the root files
  • Trusted by 10 million users
  • Simple to use and easy to handle
  • Clean interface
  • Fast results

As you know rooting for an Android phone like breaking the security layer. You remove the security imposed by the developers and allows those files to install on your phone which was restricted. In this way, you can get some bad results as well. So, always handle and check the root access. And only allow those apps to get root access which is official.

Download this from the link above and check if you have granted the root files. As you get the root permission to install your desired applications, game guardian, market unlocker and much more

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