Root Cloak V2.1.1 APK Download for Android

By | 22nd June 2018

Rooting is a process of getting the complete control over your phone. You become the only controlling person of the device and can edit the section you want. It is like getting the favorite color of rose on your screen and changing it whether you got the permission of it or not. Like, you do not like the customized home screen of your phone, and you are not permitted to change it (for example), by rooting the phone, you can edit the phone’s code, and get it changed the way you want.

Though, rooting of the phone is not that difficult. With a couple of taps, one can root an Android phone. But, this is not for what we are discussing root or rooting. We are here to give you an application, Root Cloak APK which allows you to control and hide the root status of the phone. Like, you did rooting, and you know some apps detect it and stop working on your phone. In that scenario, you can do nothing just pissing yourself off.

Rooting of the phone void the software warranty of the device, and when you want to sell the device, the person detects it and refuse to get that device. This has happened to me, and it really messed when you do not get the way to hide the root status of the device.

Some apps stop working on a rooted device

I was not aware of the fact that some apps stop working on a rooted device unless I actually face it. When I get my device rooted, and try to install some very basic application, they stopped working on my device. I did not know the actual reason for it, but later on, I came to know why this happens?

Actually, a rooted phone is less secure, and you easily fall prey to any seeker or hacker trick. Someone can claim to provide that and that of features in an application (False claims) and convince you to install that app. With the installation and giving access to the root, you will be hacked.

So, in that way, the developers know that a rooted phone is an easy target to install malicious codes. And if their application is installed on that phone, they can exploit the vulnerability of their application. So, if they get to know the device is rooted, they make the app to stop working on that phone.

So, that is not a rocket science to explore why apps stop working on a rooted device. But, as I mentioned there is an application Root Cloak which allows the users to hide the root status. Even the globally known apps would not come to know that phone is rooted. But, the use of the app may be tricky, and one has to put the nose to know how that works to get the job done.

Hide Root status of the phone using Root Cloak Application

This application came into existence with mind-blowing features of not letting the apps know the device is rooted. The app works fine for every application which you want to install. I have tested myself, and most of the apps which I install did not come to know the root status of the phone.

By using Root Cloak application, hide the root of your phone, and get all apps working normally on the phone. The way that application works are very simple, even one can add keywords to block the access of root.

Here I am going to explain how Root Cloak works?

  • Download Root Cloak on your Android phone and install it
  • Keep in mind, this app only works for the rooted device, if you have not rooted the device, there is no need to get the game going
  • The installation would be normal, give this application access to the root files.
  • One more thing, you need to have Xposed Framework installed on your phone
  • Launch the application on your phone and get to know the interface of it
  • Explore the interface, the inch, and squares
  • Simply add the from which you want to hide the root status
  • Manually drag and drop the application
  • Or search for the keyword and add in the list for not accessing the root permission
  • Like the search for the application, you do not want to give root permission or want to hide the root status
  • And add that keyword to the list, Like Netflix, or VLC

No need to disable Root:

By using Root Cloak APK on your phone, you have no need to disable the root of the phone. You can get the privileges of root and still can get the normal apps working on your phone. Rooting is interesting if you know the pros and cons of it. If you are a simple user of Android and does not know the very deep stuff, do not get involved in rooting.

Root cloak use

But, remember installed Xposed first, and after that, you will get no hiccup in installing Root Cloak.

There are thousands of apps nowadays, which does not work on a phone which is rooted. So, it is really hard to get both sides of the story. Like, to get the phone rooted for some apps like Titanium backup application which needs root permission. And those apps which stops working on the rooted devices, like Netflix, VLC and much more.

So, you cannot have two smartphones, but want to enjoy both sides. Root Cloak is the absolute option to roll your hands on both of the applications.

Features of RootCloak APK

Rootcloak is a simple and effective application to hide the root credentials on an Android phone. The simple working application allows the users to install even those apps which shows reluctance in working with a rooted phone. I have shown many apps which do not work on a rooted device. So, this may be one of the best options to go for, to get the apps working.

  • There are dozens of the apps on the same niche, but Root Cloak is wide in features and simple in working
  • You have no need to pay to get the app working
  • You can have this app installed on all Android versions
  • Add apps manually
  • Or search for the keywords and add them, those apps will not be accessing the root permission
  • Apps will not come to know that you have rooted the device
  • Even no one actually would come to know the root status of the phone
  • It hides the binary, SuperSu, SuperUser, SuperSu apps and much more.
  • From one screen you can block all as to get the root privileges
  • Just choose the apps and add them to the list

Root Cloak is a simple and very effective application for those who want to install norms apps which do not work on a rooted device. This application charges nothing in return for the services. So, download this on your Android phone and tablet which are rooted, and you want to hide the rooting of the phone.

In case you want to root your phone, there are apps like Framaroot, Kingroot which allows you to get the rooted phone with simple taps.

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