SBMan Game Hacker APK Download Latest V7.25 For Android

By | 12th March 2018

Download SBMan Game Hacker APK:

After getting lots of other application to modify offline games on your phone and tablet. Like, Game guardian application, KKGamer APK, we are going to provide you SBMan Game Hacker APK. You just need to tap on the download button above and start modifying your offline games.

Before getting the application installed on your phone, you need to know SB Game hacker need Root access. If you do not have gotten the root permission, download Kingroot APK, 360 Root or chose any other rooting application.

SBMan Game Hacker is a perfect tool for Android which helps you in easily hacking or modifying All Android games. You also can get coins, more lives, money, Levels in the game, and much more.

In this way, you can get the game accordingly your use and taste. When you first, launch SBMan Game Hacker, you need to know it is in Japanese. You need to change, the language to English to get the right use of it.

How to use SBMan Game Hacker?

SBMan game hacker is a perfect recipe to get your desired number or scores on your screen. This is the latest Version V7.25 what we are providing you. So, hack the scores, increase or decrease the number of levels in the game, add more lives, add more taste and get the game done right the way you want.

  • Download SBMan Game Hacker from the given download link, we have updated the link to the latest version
  • Change the Android mobile phone setting. As the default setting will not allow you to get the app installed on your device
  • Tap on the setting of the phone-> security setting-> and Check unknown source option
  • Now, get the App installed on your phone
  • Remember, once again I want to mention SBMan Game Hacker need Root access. So, when it be installed on your phone, and you try to launch it, it will show, need root permission.
  • Tap on the super User option, and give the root permission to SB Game Hacker.
  • Get your desired scores on the screen:
  • Now, you can get your desired number, coins, cash, dollars and much more on the screen. For example, if you want to play Hill climb game, and you are not the master of this game. But, you want to show a great number to your friends, by changing the actual scores. You should play the game, at that level where you could reach.
  • And remember the scores, which you have made.
  • Paus the game, and search for the number.
  • You need to get a unique figure in the resulting query, to change it to your desired figure.
  • If there are more than one numbers in the search query, play the game little more
  • And tap on the SBMan Game application; change the figure to your desired number. Within few minutes, you will see the number has been allocated.
  • The number which you put to modify has been given to your result
  • Enjoy the freedom of doing anything

In this way, you can get coins, more levels of the game.

If you want to download free games, you need to get KKGamer, Applanet Market or Market Unlocker application.

Features of SBMan Game Hacker APK:

SBMan is a free source to get your desired figure on the mobile screen; you need just to tap on the change score button. And you will get desire number.

  • You get free coins, dollars, cash and much more
  • Modify any offline game
  • Increase or decrease the lives, get more levels in the game, get unlimited numbers of scores and much more
  • Change the game accordingly your taste and desire
  • 100% Tested application
  • Free of cost
  • Easy to use and easy to handle
  • Change the scores, coins and modify any offline game
  • Remember, the app cannot modify online games
  • Unlock premium features of the game
  • Unlock Cars, vehicles, and levels in the game

So, download SBMan Game Hacker APK from the given source of download. You can get the APK Format of the file so that you can install it when there is no internet connection.


SB Game hacker only works fine with the game which stores the score locally. The games which got the live servers, to store the score, lives, or coins of the game, cannot modify. So, never try the app for live servers or online games.


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