Simple Liker (Easy Liker) APK download for Android

By | 13th January 2018

Facebook had already exploded by the users, and to get attention in here by a normal user would not be easy. One has to be a celebrity, sports person or an artist to get the bunch of likes. It is very heart-breaking when one got thousands of friends on Facebook, and only a few responded to you.

What is the way one could get thousands of impressions on Facebook without of running an online Facebook campaign? We found, Simple Liker (Easy Liker) application, developed by the man behind Apental Application. Download the application, install it on an Android device, and get thousands of free likes on Facebook. You can choose the number of Likes, and type of Likes as well. So, tap the download button below and download Simple Liker APK.

Use Simple Liker to get free Likes easily

You need to use Simple Liker application wisely, as the app is easy to handle and easy to control. First, you should think twice, how much of the likes you want to get on your profile. If you want to get thousands, in one day, it would be ideal, if you create two or three Facebook account. If you just want to amaze your Facebook friends, then one Facebook account will be more than enough.

Simple Liker APK

It is simple to get Facebook Likes using Simple Liker

Install it on your device:

The application downloaded from third-party source needs different settings to be installed on an Android phone. With the default setting, you will not install Simple Liker APK. So, go to your Android phone setting and tap on the security button, check the unknown sources option.

  1. Tap on setting
  2. Tap on the security setting
  3. And check the unknown sources radio button

Hope you will install the application easily.

Log In Your Facebook account using Simple Liker APK

You need to log in your Facebook account using Simple Liker or Easy Liker application. Launch the auto Liker application, and provide your Facebook account details. Once you confirmed, you are the owner of that Facebook account, accept the terms and conditions as well.

  1. You will be sent into a new window, where you will see the impressions and follower button
  2. Need to select one, either tap on impressions or followers
  3. If you tap the impressions button, the windows will provide you the recent status of you
  4. Select the status, or image to get the impression on
  5. And also give the numbers of likes, as well
  6. Right after the submission, the desired amount will start adding that image
  7. And within some minutes, you will the bunch of impressions has been added to your Facebook Account
  8. Now, if you want to get followers on Facebook, do the job in the same manner
  9. Tap on the Follower tab and give the numbers of likes as well.

Why are you not getting any Auto Likes?

If you had followed the entire process, still not getting Facebook likes, that will be not right. You have had made some mistakes or not changed the Facebook privacy setting. Normally, we add the privacy to our Facebook account, and some stranger could not put an impression on Facebook. But, when we use auto Liker, these are stranger who is going to like our image.

So, change the Facebook privacy setting

  • You should be enabled Follower options on your Facebook account
  • Your status should be available for public
  • Anyone could like your status, image or content
  • Anyone could contact you on Facebook

Features of Simple Liker APK

Getting Likes by using Simple Liker is very simple. And you would have had seen how did we do the job. You need not be very fast in getting Facebook Likes. You should slow down, and in each submit should get max 250 likes. But, after 30 minutes you can repeat the same amount of likes as well.

  • Simple Liker is very easy to handle
  • It is the best auto Liker on the market
  • No repetitions limit, you can get likes as many time as you want
  • Get likes without of paying any amount
  • Clean user interface
  • No generation of the codes and submission
  • Very trusted as well
  • Secure as hell
  • No one can hack your online privacy

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