Star Likes[Starlikes] V2.5.1 APK download free for Android

By | 2nd February 2018

Star Likes [StarLikes] APK Download

Star Likes APK is invented by Indian developer for the community to get spam free likes on Facebook. Everyone wants to be popular on Facebook, we want to get noticed and want to give a boost to our self-esteem. Now, social media likes and comments are gauges towards a person popularity or reputation.

You can say, there is also stander if you are getting good likes, people commenting on your post you are successful popular and rich. A poor, not a successful person does not get that amount of impression. So, that thing can be removed, you can use Star Likes application to get free likes comment and shares, in return you also would like other people profiles, images, and status.

It will not look like spam, when you will like so much people profiles, there is algorithm made by Star Likes developer, which will suit you to not look like a spammer.

Download Star Likes APK from the given download button, if the link does not work, please mention it and we will update that instantly.

How to use Star Likes APK to get free Likes on Facebook?

Star Likes is a great contribution, and it has changed the entire concept of the Facebook likes. Before this, we had been using different auto Liker. Though, most of them are really good and provides great results like Apental Auto Liker, Free King Liker, 4gram APK and others. But, most of the other application which claims to provide auto like sucks.

So, download this application, install this app on your Android phone, create your Login ID over Star Likes and give other people likes. Yes, Star Likes works on give and take, you have to like other people status.

  • Download Starlike APK from the given download button
  • Change the installation setting of your account, and install it carefully
  • Install the application, launch it on your mobile phone
  • Log in your Facebook account, provide the details
  • Accept the terms and conditions, create the token, paste the generated token to the mentioned place and go to the next screen
  • Where you will get option to check your Login ID of Star Likes
  • By using that ID, you will provide Likes to other people
  • You also can provide that image on which you want to get Facebook likes
  • Within some minutes you will get free Likes on Facebook
  • By logging out your account, and again logging in make you get real likes again
  • In this way, get thousands of likes in one day

Change the Facebook profile setting

As I mentioned above to accept the terms and condition- this also included in the terms and conditions and using tab, you have to change the Facebook profile setting, in order to get Facebook Likes using StarLikes APK.

If you do not change the setting and allow your profile for the public to follow you will get no Facebook impression. At that time, it does not matter how many points you earn. You just have missed the basic thing, by not making your profile publicly available.

Timeline and tagging as well should be anyone.

Features of Star Likes APK

Star Likes is a very trusted platform for those who want to get free and secure likes. There are thousands of people, member of this platform and they actively put impressions on other people profile. So, one should clear one thing, these are real people likes, not automotive likes

  • It provides you option to get real likes
  • Star Likes give you spam free and thousands Likes in one day
  • It does not require you to spend money to use Star Likes
  • Real people will like your stuff, so no likes will disappear from your account.
  • Star Likes is the most trusted platform to get free likes on Facebook
  • Clean impression
  • Secured
  • Free

So, if you got any query regarding Star Likes APK, you can contact us by using the comment section.


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