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By | 10th October 2017

If you are searching for a tool which can provide you plenty amount of Auto Likes, Auto Comments and Auto Shares on your Facebook Profile. Then you have reached right spot. From the link below, you can tap the download the download button to get the file. You would have seen many auto Likers, claiming to be the best and providing free and genuine auto Likes.

You should be aware of these auto Likers most of them are fake and malicious software trying to hack your data or steal your password. Always use the application which is best rated and famous. This SwiftLiker (Auto Liker) APK download one of the best and top rated. Having a reputation for providing a huge amount of likes, comments, and shares on profiles, fan pages, business pages, and status. So, SwiftLiker (Auto Liker) APK download from the link below.

How to install SwiftLiker  APK

To download this auto Impressions application, we already had given a download link. You can follow that link and download the application. To install it on your device, you should do what I am going to narrate in next few Lines.

If you are getting some errors while installing SwiftLiker (Auto Liker) APK. You should change the installation setting of your device. That setting is most important if you are installing application which is not downloaded from the Google Play Store

  1. Tap on setting of the device
  2. Tap on security setting of the device
  3. Scroll down a little, and check the unknown sources button

Now, if you have installed the application and want to get impressions on your profile, fan page, business page, or on status, then follow me

How to get auto Likes using SwiftLiker (Auto Liker) APK?

First of all, before getting any impressions on your profile, picture or status, you should know about the setting of the Facebook or social media account.

For once and all, you should remember that to get auto likes, auto comments and auto shares on your account. Your profile setting should not be private or personal. It should be public, in this way anyone for that instance would be able to get like your status. In this way, you would be able to get free and a great number of impressions on social media account.

Because, if your profile setting is not public. No one would be able to like your status, in this way, the auto Likers tool will not be able to work with your profiles. So, change the setting and save that setting then uses the SwiftLiker (Auto Liker) APK download to get auto impressions on Facebook.

swiftLiker auto liker apk

Now get the impressions:

Tap on the icon of the auto Liker, launch it and log into your profile using this application. When you will be logged into the account, you will see three different tabs. One for auto Likes, second for the auto comments, and third for the auto shares. You select the one, and it will ask you to provide the image or status on which you want to get an impression.

Select the image or upload the image, and set the numbers of auto Likes, auto comments or auto shares. Right after your submission. You will see that the set numbers of auto Likes or impressions have been added to your account. You can reload the Facebook to confirm the Auto Likes, these Likes will be genuine, spam free without of stealing any data or hack any account, you have achieved to get auto impressions.

Features of SwiftLiker (Auto Liker) APK:

Now, you have successfully installed the auto Liker, you can check our other list of Auto Likers as well.

  • Get free, a good amount of impressions
  • Clean and sober interface to give you impressions
  • It will not spam your Facebook account
  • This will not save your Facebook password, or steal the data of you
  • Will give you max number of auto Impressions
  • Get 200 auto Likes at one time, do not cross the numbers, otherwise, Facebook may ban your account
  • Do not save your password in any of the application or auto Liker
  • Do not provide your personal details

There are other auto Liker apps like ZFN auto Liker, Apental Calc auto Liker, and Cyber Liker app

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