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By | 28th October 2017

Download Towelroot APK:

You can download the Towelroot application from this download link. Hit the download button and get the file in APK Format. You might not be able to get the download link of this app on Play Store. Get the file from our servers, root any of your Android phone and Android version, except Motorola.

Rooting of a mobile phone or an Android phone sometimes becomes very important. There is plenty of the application which requires root permission before installing it on the mobile phone. If you do not know about basic of the rooting, you can read how to root an Android phone. This post will elaborate the entire process of rooting a mobile phone, plus recommended apps for the rooting of a Mobile phone.

Use of Towelroot APK to root Android device

First, you should backup your data, if you have not backup the data, do it fast, without of backing up the data, your mobile phone would lose your important files and folders.

  • Then, download this Towelroot application, which we have given above, tap the download button and download it on your mobile phone, remember, this application will do rooting of a mobile phone without using any computer, so have no need to connect it to your computer or install it on the computer.
  • If you have downloaded the file on your mobile phone, open the downloaded folder, if there is zipped file, unzip them and tap the setup file
  • When you tap on setup file, it will prompt you that you are going to root the mobile phone, which can be dangerous to your mobile phone software. That is true, if you do not know, rooting of the phone will nullify your mobile phone software warranty.
  • If you know this already, then continue the process, if you do not know, then stop it.
  • Now, tap on install and allow all the permission to install the application, it will take some moments.
  • When you will see the logo of your mobile phone, you have done rooting of the phone successfully.
  • Then see the Superuser option on your mobile phone home screen. If the option is not enabled, you can do it manually, if the option is available, its mean, your phone is rooted. Now you can edit the software and code of the phone.

Edit the code, do what you want to do, install the apps, free up phone storage, remove useless built-in application

If you want to check either the root of the phone was successful or not, you should use Root Checker app.

Features of Towelroot Application

Towelroot APK is one of the leading applications released by the developer of PlayStation, iPhone and Sony mobile phone. So, the name is a big name in the mobile phone world and knows the internal world of the mobile phone. So, rooting for the mobile phone using Towelroot APK would not be risky for your mobile phone.

There are dozens of the features which this application provides you to have, with the root permission. After rooting the phone, after enabling super user option. After checking the root was successful, now the complete control of the phone is in your hand, do the stuff what you want to do

  • One click root, have no need to read the full instructions of rooting the phone or connecting the mobile phone to the computer for rooting
  • Towelroot Application almost works for every Android device, to get the root permission
  • It will work fine for every brand, every Android version, every tablet
  • Have no service charges
  • Option of back up your mobile phone data, restore the mobile phone data
  • Millions of the people had already used this Towelroot application for root permission. And you can read the positive word of the mouth on Google Play Store regarding this application.

Points to remember:

If this application, Towelroot APK is not being installed on your mobile phone. You should change the security setting of your mobile phone. As you are downloading the application from this landed page. Android does not allow the users to download the apps from third-party source and install it. Android thinks it a malicious activity. Tap on setting > security setting > check the unknown sources button.

There are other rooting applications, King root application, Baidu Easy root, Rooting Toolkit which also can be used to root an Android phone.

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