Universal Androot APK Latest v2.3.6 download for Android

By | 20th February 2018

Download Universal Androot:

You can download the latest version of the famous one-click rooting application, Universal Androot APK. You can have the file in APK Format. Just hit the download button and get the file on your phone. Root your Android phone without of any trouble. Install the desired application for you, and get the complete control of your device.

Universal Androot is the only rooting application which can root a Nexus mobile phone. Though, there are other rooting apps like Kingroot application or Towelroot. But, when it comes to rooting, you should get what is suitable for your device. Universal Androot got the fame when it rooted the Google Nexus device. Because there are a few applications which can break the security layer of Google Nexus. Though, there is some mobile phone, which this app cannot root.

Get a rooted device using Universal Androot APK:

Most of the guys do not know the real meaning of rooting. That is the reason, they break the security layer and gt no think. In this time, in my opinion, there is not a pivotal reason to root an Android phone. One already gets the stuff in Android built-in apps. But, there is some application though, like Game guardian or some backup apps which need root access to an Android phone.

You easily can root your phone using Universal Androot. But, managing the root permission will be a real challenge for you. For managing the root permission, one can get a SuperUser application. If, you do not want many apps on your phone after rooting, install only the official apps. As rooting can lead you to brick the Android phone.

  • Download the latest version of Universal Androot application. We have given you the latest version V2.3.6, get it from here
  • Install it on your Android device. To get the app installed on your Android phone must change the installation setting.
  • Now, if you could install the app safely, after skipping the notification related how harmful the app could be on your device, launch it.
  • And you would see a root button there, tap it on
  • And the phone will go to download mode automatically
  • The phone should be charged enough to hand out while rooting
  • And the internet connection should be a stronger one
  • Within few minutes you will get a rooted device
  • You can read the message, congratulations you have rooted the device successfully

After rooting the device, check either the Super User option is enabled. If not, then do it manually. As the app will help you in managing the root permissions. If you are not about to find this option, download the SuperUser app and enable it.

Features of Universal Androot Application

Universal Androot can root your phone with one tap. This is famous due to its simple interface and clear navigation. You can even root a Google Nexus device.

  • Root Motorola, HTC, Sony, LG, and Nexus device
  • You can root the related models of these smartphone companies
  • One-click root
  • Will not harm your device, an unroot the device if something goes wrong
  • Low in size, does not take much of your memory
  • Install your favorite application after rooting
  • Remove the bloatware and built-in apps from your device
  • Free up the mobile phone memory
  • Manage the root files easily
  • Update the Android version to the next updated version
  • Add your favorite features on your phone
  • Add classic wallpapers which were not previously supporting to your device

Moreover, you also can check the other rooting apps. Which I have mentioned above in the post. If something goes wrong, or the app does not work what mention, you should comment on the section.


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