Wefbee APK download Latest version for Android

By | 23rd February 2018

Download Wefbee APK

You can download the latest and updated version of famous auto Liker, Wefbee APK. You can get thousands of auto FB requests, followers and Facebook profile impressions with one tap. Just download it on your Android mobile phone and tablet and start getting recognition on Facebook.

Social media has gotten an important role now a day. People use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other media to connect with each other. But, Facebook is the most important and got a huge fan following. Facebook is the only social media website which gets trillions of hits in a single month. And due to this only reason, Facebook had launched its own advertisement program for the content creator. Now, you get paid by Facebook by creating videos and other contents.

So, if you want to run an online business, you need to put your business on Facebook. As you have the best medium to reach the targeted audience. By using this medium you can get a targeted fan and can earn a fortune. You have to run a Facebook campaign to do that. But, if you cannot afford that online campaign, what would you do?

You can use many auto Likers, like ZFN Auto Liker, Apental Calc application for Facebook.

How to use Wefbee APK to get thousands of Likes on Facebook?

So, you need to download a superb Auto Liker to get thousands of Impression on your online ads. You can get this auto Liker from above download link. Install it on your phone, and start getting free traffic to your blog.

  • Download Wefbee APK from the given download link just taps the button.
  • Change the installation setting, as Android would not allow you to install the app with default installation setting.
  • Install the app safely on your phone, and accept the terms and conditions
  • Now, launch it on your phone as the app needs to be launched to get the right use of it
  • Before, using Wefbee you should log in your Facebook account by using the official Facebook app.
  • Now, you read the terms and conditions and put your Email ID with password
  • Do not afraid, no one is going to get your personal details
  • And you will be reached at a different page
  • Create the token and create a code what mentioned there
  • And put the code to given area
  • Put the submit button
  • Now, you will get a different code on a next screen
  • Go to the home screen of the app again
  • And put the code in the given area

Now, get the Likes:

The last stage comes now. You can get the impressions now. Tap on the auto request tab and you can see you logged in ID in there. Proof that you are not a robot by submitting the codes. And you will see that requests have been started on your Facebook profile.

In this way, by following this, you can get auto followers. Repeat the process again and now tap on the auto follower button. Do not get more than 200 auto Followers on Facebook. As this thing can make your account spam. And Facebook might block your account.

Must Remeber:

Before going to get Auto Followers and Auto Likes on Facebook. You should change the privacy setting of your Facebook account. As, if you had made your account secure by imposing the security layers. You would get no likes, comments, and shares.

Change the Facebook timeline and tagging to the public. And enable the Follower button on your Facebook account.

Wefbee APK Features

There are other Facebook Liker applications though. Like Aqua Liker and Cyber Liker which provides targeted impressions on Facebook. If you are not happy with the results of Wefbee APK you must try this app.

  • The application is developed by an Indian developer, and he has developed the app from scratch. So, you would security and safe auto likes in here
  • Super Fast application, give you thousands of likes, followers, and requests.
  • Thea app would not spam your account, nor post on your behalf.
  • You can get targeted impression from all over the world
  • Get impression on Photos, Profiles, products, and followers
  • Auto Group poster allows you to post in many groups in one time
  • Auto Poster on pages allows you to post on many pages. By using Wefbee APK it becomes easier to manage your Facebook pages.
  • Free of cost

So, I must say you will be satisfied with this application. And you will get what you have been searching for. So, download the app from the above download link, and simply use it for getting real Facebook Likes.

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