Zanti APK download latest version v2.5 for Android

By | 1st January 2018

Zanti APK Download

Download Zanti APK from the given link above. You just click the download button above and get the file in APK format. In this way, you can secure your network from hacking, and fix the loopholes of your network.

Get the information of those people who are connected to your network. Not only get to know the IP address, Username but the passwords and the data processing over your network. The only need, you should have to download Zanti APK on your mobile phone and one rooted phone. If you do not know about root and want to get detailed information then read about rooting here.

Download Zanti Application from the above download button. Download it on your phone and Tablet, and make it sure for the hacker and keyloggers to get into your network. We also have provided you different rooting application, Kingroot, Framaroot, Key Root Master and many more.

So, we were discussing Zanti Application, which can bring you detail information about the people who are using your internet connection.

I want to clear one thing “The sole purpose of creating this article to provide you the importance of online security and online privacy. If you want to try this method, should have this on your own WI-FI network. If you try to do this on other people network, it will be unethical but illegal as well.

See what people are browsing your Internet connection?

Let’s start over here. For example, if you using someone else internet connection over the desktop. And the person uses the network over a mobile phone. And if he/she wants to have your browsing history or websites which you just browsed, what should he/she do?

Simple two things

  • One rooted phone
  • And Zanti APK

And fortunately or unfortunately both are very easy.

You can get your phone rooted by reading how to root an Android phone.

 download Zanti APK from this link.


Install Zanti APK on your Android phone:

Download Zanti APK and try to install it on your Android phone, if you are facing any problems. Just check either you had enabled the third party installation setting or not. If not, then

  1. Tap on setting
  2. Tap on security setting
  3. And check the unknown sources button

And install Zanti Application on your Android smartphone.

Skip all the useless services they are providing, just accept the terms and conditions, you can show the kind of interface this application got.

Now, if you had installed the Zanti APK on your Android phone, right after the installation you will get this kind of interface.

Zanti APK


It will show all the IP addresses connected to your network. But, it is harder to find which IP address is which and what is the username of that IP address.

zanti apk

These are all the IP connection to your network

To overcome that type of situation, you can have the Fing application.

This application scans all the IP address over your WI-FI address but this time with the username and real-time addresses.

And from here, you can target a computer, but for now, we are going back to the main interface where from we left.

We were at the IP addresses, you need to tap on one IP address, for example, if I want to track this IP address, I will tap on it, see in the image

Zanti application for Android

You will get a bunch of options there, but for now, we are only interested in Man in the Middle attack. Tap on that and do not forget to enable the option in the top right corner of the Windows. You can see this in the image as well.

Zanti application for Android

Enable this option while checking the browsing history of all IP connected to your NETWORK using Zanti APK

Now, there are many more options on the screen of Zanti Application. Like tracking of the downloading, tracking of the images, and tracking of the sites accessed by the users, but, this time we only interested in finding what people are browsing over there computers.

So, I will go with the Log request option,

Now, there are three kinds of results you will get In zANTI Application

First case [Normal Websites]

You should check on your desktop computer, and should go to some of the normal websites. Like New York Times and some more.

You will see on your Zanti APK all the websites and browsing is tracking down.

Case 2: [Popular websites]

The popular websites, like Facebook, YouTube and Google cannot track Zanti Apk.

Case 3: [vpn websites]

The websites which are accessed using VPN cannot be accessed by the Zanti Application by using the method mentioned above in the post

Case 4: [ website]

Either, you go without VPN or VPN your website is being tracked down by the Zanti APK. Not only tracking out, but all the data saved on your account is also accessible, even street address, saved password, user names and all other details.

Features of Zanti APK

There are dozens of the features of Zanti Application, but there are very few which we are going to explain in here.

  • Mac Changer:

You can have a different Mac address by using Zanti Application and enabling the Mac changer option of your Zanti APK

  • Logged images

It will show the images being seen or the images being used using your internet connection or WI-FI.

You can simply tap on it, and it will show all the IP address connected to your network, and you need to tap on one IP address to check the image used by that IP

  • SSL Strip:

What does that mean by SSL strip, this means, if some website has HTTP in the SSL and converts it to https, it will show that IP address as well.

  • Replace imager.

It will replace the images what is being watched using your internet connection to that image which you want to show that people in real time.

  • Capture download:

This will capture all the downloading on that Android device using your network.

So, you can check either the person has downloaded something that you were expecting or not.

There are more than this feature what one can have using Zanti Application, must download this application, if you want to track down all the IPs using your network.

Simple to use application, I already had described the way to use this.

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